10 Best Self Balancing Scooters Reviews 2021

Self Balancing Scooters are one of the most amazing inventions that modern technology has given to the world. The two-wheeled, battery powered scooters that you see every other teenager riding on the streets are what we are discussing about. But, you are wrong if you think that these smart self-balancing scooters are only a fun activity for kids. Self-balancing electric scooters also make an affordable, convenient and fun mode of transportation that is suitable for adults too.
Their popularity is increasing with every passing day as it’s so easy to learn how to ride a self-balancing scooter. You look so much cooler when you ride it, and the experience and enjoyment it provides is simply amazing. If you’re eager to take off on this exciting, brand new ride, first you need to find the best self-balancing scooter with Bluetooth that you can afford. We’ll help you in your search and provide you with all the information you need to know about these futuristic vehicles.

What is a Self Balancing Scooter?

Best Self Balancing Scooters in Summary




Segway Ninebot LOOMO Advanced Personal Robot and Personal Transporter

Segway Ninebot LOOMO

Best Smart Self-Balancing Scooter

Max Speed (mph): 11
Battery Life (hour): 3
Bluetooth: Yes

Segway Ninebot S and S-Max

Segway Ninebot S and S-Max

Best Self Balancing 2 Wheeled Scooter with Handle

Max Speed (mph): 10
Battery Life (hour): 3
Bluetooth: Yes

Superrio Smart Self-Balancing Electric Scooter

Superrio Smart Scooter

Best Cheap Self-Balancing Scooter

Max Speed (mph): 10
Battery Life (hour): 3
Bluetooth: Yes

Segway Ninebot S-Plus

Segway Ninebot S-Plus

Best Self-Balancing Scooter with Handle

Max Speed (mph): 10
Battery Life (hour): 3
Bluetooth: Yes

Segway Unisex-Child Ninebot S

Segway Unisex-Child Ninebot S

Best Self-Balancing Scooter for Kids

Max Speed (mph): 10
Battery Life (hour): 3
Bluetooth: Yes

Swagtron Swagboard Pro T1 UL 2272 Certified Hoverboard Review

Swagtron Swagboard Pro T1

Best Self Balancing Scooter Hoverboard

Max Speed (mph): 8
Battery Life (hour): 3
Bluetooth: No

Epikgo Classic Series All-Terrain Hoverboard Review

Epikgo All-Terrain

Best Off Road Self-Balancing Hoverboard

Max Speed (mph): 10
Battery Life (hour): 1
Bluetooth: No

Hoverheart Hoverboard Two-Wheel Self Balancing Electric Scooter UL 2272 Certified Review

Hoverheart Hoverbaord

Best Self-Balancing Two-Wheel Scooter

Max Speed (mph): 10
Battery Life (hour): 2
Bluetooth: Yes

Jetson Flash Self Balancing Hoverboard

Max Speed (mph): 10
Battery Life (hour): 2
Bluetooth: Yes

Swagtron Swagboard Vibe T580 Hoverboard Review

Swagtron Swagboard Vibe T580

Best self balancing scooter with Bluetooth

Max Speed (mph): 8
Battery Life (hour): 3
Bluetooth: Yes

A Brief History of Self-Balancing Scooters:

You may have realized, the self-balancing scooter is a recent invention. The inventor was an American businessman by the name of Shane Chen who registered a patent for this latest device at the beginning of 2013 and then launched at the end of 2013 through the Company Hovertrax. The self-balancing scooter was initially extremely expensive, and was something only the elite could afford. It soon became popular with celebrities like Wiz Khalifa, Justin Beiber and Chris Brown. In 2015, several manufacturers had begun producing it, such as Segway as well as Inventist. Soon after, several manufacturers received a patent for the product. As they began to release new models on the market, the prices fell and today it’s a luxury that almost all people can afford.

Initial Safety Issues:

Self Balancing ScootersSoon after the initial appearance of self-balancing electric scooters in the market, there were complaints regarding safety of these new devices. There were complaints that many of the models which had so quickly stormed the market were faulty and posed risks of catching fire. Most of these incidents involving a fire occurred while the product was being charged but some also took place while it was being ridden. This was a matter of serious concern since it posed serious threat to the riders. A majority of the models of self-balancing scooters were recalled during the year 2016 to be tested for safety. As a result, Consumer Product Safety Commission confiscated and banned nearly 15,000 self-balance scooter models from the market. Amazon pulled down all of these faulty devices from its websites too. Today, almost every self balancing scooter which you will find on sale is UL certified which is a certification to authorize it for a safe usage.

Self Balancing Electric Scooter Reviews

1. Segway Ninebot S and S-Max
Best Overall Self Balancing Scooter to Buy in 2021

Segway Ninebot S and S-MaxThe Segway Ninebot S and S max are, without a doubt, some of the best self-balancing hoverboards in the market. Their features facilitate the rider in various aspects.

Both hoverboards are made of high-quality material which makes them sturdy and durable. These hoverboards are UL 2272 certified, which is a certification that guarantees the safety of a hoverboard.

The best thing about these hoverboards is that they can be connected to Segway’s app via Bluetooth. This app shows the current mileage, current speed, total mileage used, and average speed. This app can also be used to change the color of the LED lighting.

The Segway S has a knee control bar whereas, the Segway S max has a hand steering. The knee control bar and hand steering can be used to move left and right. The sensitivity of the hand steering stick is 0.01 sec.

The weight of Segway Ninebot S is 28 lbs or 12.8 kg and the weight of S max is 50.2 lbs or 22 kg which is really heavy.

The Segway S is not water-proof or resistant so it is advised to stay away from puddles. However, Segway S max is water-proof.

A fully charged Segway Ninebot S can go around 13.7 miles whereas, the S max can go around 22 miles.


  • Both hoverboards have a good build quality.
  • The Segway Ninebot S max is water-proof.
  • Both hoverboards have rear LED lighting.
  • Both are UL 2272 certified.
  • Both hoverboards have app connectivity.
  • Both Hoverboards are adaptive to various terrains. 


  • Both hoverboards are quite heavy.
  • The Segway Ninebot S is not water-proof or water-resistant.
  • The Segway S max is pretty expensive.

2. Superrio Smart Self-Balancing Electric Scooter
Best Cheap Self-Balancing Scooter

Superrio Smart Self-Balancing Electric ScooterIf you want an affordable and quality hoverboard, the smart Superrio self-balancing electric scooter can be a great choice as it provides amazing features at a really cheap price.

First of all, the self-balance scooter is made of high-quality material and feels quite durable and sturdy. It can be ridden on various terrains because of its pneumatic 10.5” tires. The ride feels smooth, even on bumpy roads.

It can be easily paired with a smartphone using Bluetooth through which you can change LED colors, adjust settings and check the mileage, battery, and more. This self-balancing scooter also has a knee control bar, which is not very common at this price range. This knee control bar is used to go left or right. You can do it by directing your knees towards where you want to go.

Even though this bike is packed with great features, it has some disadvantages you might want to look at. The major turn-off for this hoverboard is that it is not UL-2272 certified which means it is not guaranteed that it is safe to use. However, there have been no dangerous instances yet.

Another thing I don’t like about this hoverboard is that it takes too long to get charged. On average it takes anywhere from 3-4 hours to get charged. But, looking at the price of this hoverboard, the charging time can be justified. One thing that I noticed in this hoverboard is that sometimes it feels a little heavy. It weighs 28 lbs, which is generally okay to carry in hands but, sometimes, just sometimes it feels slightly heavy.

I won’t recommend this hoverboard if you live somewhere with a lot of slopes and uphills. This scooter can only manage a slope of 12” which is not suitable for uphills.


  • Sturdy and durable
  • App connectivity
  • Affordable Price
  • Rear LED lights
  • Knee control bar


  • No UL-2272 certification
  • Can climb a max slope of only 12”
  • Takes long to charge - 2 to 4 hours
  • Slightly heavy - 28lbs or 12.7 kg.

3. Segway Ninebot S-Plus
Best Self Balancing Scooter with Handle

Segway Ninebot S plusThe Segway Ninebot S plus is an increasingly popular self-balancing hoverboard amongst hoverboard lovers. It has attracted thousands of buyers because of its great and unique features.

The Segway Ninebot S plus feels very sturdy and durable. The base of the hoverboard is made of aviation-grade aluminium alloy, which makes it durable as well as lightweight.

It is Ul-2272 certified, which means you won’t have to care about safety. Ul-2272 is a certification that guarantees the safety of a hoverboard.

Another great thing about this hoverboard is that it comes with fully featured app connectivity. You can easily pair your hoverboard to your smartphone using Bluetooth. You can perform various functions through the app such as changing the LED color, remaining battery, remaining mileage, average speed, current speed, and more.

The hoverboard has a knee control bar that can move left or right turning your knee in the direction you want to go. This hoverboard has a mileage of 23 miles which for an average rider is more than enough.


  • Sturdy and durable
  • UL-2272 certified
  • High range (22 miles)
  • App connectivity
  • Knee control bar
  • LED lighting


  • Bad customer support
  • Expensive
  • Not suitable for off roads

4.  Swagtron Swagboard Pro T1 
Best Self Balancing Scooter Hoverboard

Swagtron Swagboard Pro T1 UL 2272 Certified Hoverboard ReviewSince Swagtron is already a popular name when it comes to self-balancing scooters, you know that this is a good choice. It will support a maximum load of 220 lbs and is certified with UL 2272 to ensure a safe ride for adults and kids alike. The strong 250 watts motor ensures a smooth ride uphill and on uneven terrains while it can also handle an 8 mph maximum speed and a 12 miles range easily. The batteries will take just an hour to charge completely and the intelligent LED lights indication will tell you how much charge is left in the batteries at all times. You are immediately notified when it’s time to recharge. It also comes with a unique smart battery protection system which holds the lithium ion batteries inside multiple layers of aluminum which eliminates any chances of the batteries exploding or catching fire. The ride features two modes, one for beginners and one for the regular riders. The learning mode will make it easier to learn how to ride the self-balance scooter while keeping the speed at a minimum. The standard mode will let you cruise at high speeds. You will also like the 1 year warranty that the product is backed with.
Read Full Review Here.


The top speed is a little small as compared to others which you will find on the list and it does not come with waterproofing so you can’t take it out in the rain. Also, just like most other basic self balancing scooters, you won’t find any Bluetooth or Smartphone compatibility with this model.

5.  Epikgo All-Terrain Self Balancing Scooter
Best Off Road Self-Balancing Hoverboard

Epikgo Classic Series All-Terrain Hoverboard ReviewYou’ve already read the term UL2271 certification many times. For a change, this unique self balance electric scooter also features UL2273 certified for its smart batteries besides the usual 2271 certification. Epikgo all terrain off road hoverboard has undergone the toughest of tests and came out with flying colors to indicate absolutely no risks of fire or bursting of the batteries like the low quality products. It is powered by strong dual 400 watts motors which let you climb uphill at an angle as high as 18 degrees and cruise at a maximum speed of 10 miles per hour. The batteries will take only around 2 hours to charge completely after which you can ride a maximum range of 12 miles before it’s time for a recharge. You can ride easily at night with the built-in LED lighting and cruising through the rain is no problem at all with the IP65 waterproof body. The product can support a maximum weight of 240 pounds which is more than what’s offered by most in the list. The 8.5 inch tires will ensure a smooth ride on all terrains while the bigger than usual foot space allows better grip of your feet and more control on the self-balance scooter.
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Other than the higher price tag which will fall out of budget for many customers, the bigger wheels of the self-balancing scooter will raise the center of gravity slightly. A higher center of gravity may cause stability problems, especially for beginners.

6. Hoverheart Hoverboard

Best Self-Balancing Two-Wheel Scooter

Hoverheart Hoverboard Two-Wheel Self Balancing Electric Scooter UL 2272 Certified ReviewThis two-wheel ride by Hoverheart is a good choice if you’re finding for yourself an entry-level self-balancing scooter. UL 2272 certification means safety is no longer a matter of concern while the 6.5 inch wheels with rubber tires offer a smooth ride whether you’re cruising on or off road. Also, you’ll be surprised to find the addition of good quality Bluetooth attached to the device at such small a price. As for the strength, the 200 watts dual motor can manage a maximum speed of 10 miles/hour and a maximum range of 8 miles. The batteries will take only around 2 to 3 hours to charge completely and you can start using it again. The cool LEDs throughout the body of the self balancing scooter aren’t just there to add charm to your ride; they will come in handy at night when you’re off cruising on secluded tracks without any streetlights. Overall, it makes a perfect ride, not just for the kids, but for adults as well.
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Of course, since it is an entry-level self-balance scooter at a very affordable price, one wouldn't expect it to come without a few flaws. Some of the drawbacks which we found were that the paint will scratch off a bit too soon which will affect the appearance. Besides, since there is no waterproofing, it is highly unsuitable to use this ride in the rain. Also, try not to use it on rough terrains too often as it is not that durable as the high-end ones.

Jetson Flash Self Balancing HoverboardWith the unique shape and 3 bold color choices, this self balancing scooter truly looks like something from the future. It is not just the looks that are worth mentioning but also the 500 watts dual motors which is so far the strongest in the list. The motors are strong enough to handle speeds as high as 10 mph and a range of 12 miles with one complete charge. Perfect for all kinds of terrains, the self-balance scooter will only take between 2 to 3 hours to charge completely and head out for action. With this electric scooter, you get access to a free app on your Smartphone by the name of Ride Jetson which lets you manage the Bluetooth connectivity and choose your favorite songs to play while you ride. The app also lets you choose between 3 different riding modes and provides control for the LED lights on the ride. The unique Active Balance technology gathers information from both the foot pads to offer truly smart balancing of your ride while you can enjoy a smooth experience. It can handle a weight limit of 230 lbs.


It’s not the perfect self balancing scooter for cruising uphill since it can only handle incline angles up to 15 degrees. Also, you will notice that the charger becomes a bit hot on occasions; you might want to prevent it from overcharging.

8.  Swagtron Swagboard Vibe T580
Best Self Balancing Scooter with Bluetooth

Swagtron Swagboard Vibe T580 Hoverboard ReviewHere is another product from the same brand as the one which we have mentioned above in this list, since Swagtron is such a popular name in the self balancing scooter market. Although it isn’t very expensive, the product features built-in Bluetooth speakers and allows connectivity with a mobile app which lets you control the music, LED lights, riding modes and lets you access the map function. The 200 watts dual motor which powers the wheels lets you cruise to a maximum of 7.5 mph and delivers a smooth riding experience while cruising uphill up to an incline angle of 30 degrees, downhill and also on uneven surfaces. It can support a maximum weight of 220 lbs and can cover a maximum distance of 8 miles after a single charge. The batteries will take less than 2 hours to charge and get ready for action again. Furthermore, the strong structure and the 6.5” tires coated with rubber tires ensure durability and a smooth ride. Overall, it makes one of the best cheap hoverboard. The product, of course, features UL 2272 certification just like all other self-balancing electric scooters that we have mentioned in the list.
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The maximum speed limit of 7.5 mph and the maximum range of 8 miles aren't as high as you would expect for most self-balance scooters. Also, the motors aren't very powerful at 200 watts on each side.

Self Balancing Scooter Buyer's Guide

Make sure you go through this comprehensive guide with us before actually buying a self-balancing scooter. There are quite a few things regarding these rides which will need to be kept in mind if you want to make a worthwhile purchase.

Electrical Safety:

As they say, safety first! So safety needs to be the first thing you need to keep in mind and ensure while choosing a self balancing scooter. Since it is an electronic device which has already created some major trouble in the past involving overheating and fire, you should be extra careful when picking out a self-balance scooter for yourself. Although all the problematic self balancing electric scooters have already been banned from the market which is why it is highly unlikely to encounter an unsafe one nowadays, it wouldn’t hurt to be a little extra careful from your end.

The entire self-balancing scooter, complete with all its parts, must be UL 2272 certified while the batteries should be UL 2271 certified. These two certifications will ensure that the self-balance scooter is 100% free of all potential electrical hazards.

Weight Limit:

Different self-balance scooters come with different weight limits depending on the materials used and their build quality. Some will specifically be designed for use by kids which is why they might offer weight limits as low as 200 lbs. You wouldn’t want to ride a self balancing scooter which offers a weight limit which is smaller than your body weight. You wouldn’t want it to break down under your body weight, would you? If not, make sure you check that your body weight falls safely within the weight limit offered by the self balance electric scooter.

Most of the self-balancing scooters will offer a weight limit of 240 lbs which is adequate in most case. In case you weigh heavier than that, you will also find models which can accommodate up to 300 lbs.

Battery Life:

The battery life of a self-balance scooter will determine how long you can ride it in a go before it is time to head back home and plug it in for a recharge. Of course you need to look for a self balancing scooter which can offer the longest battery life so that you may travel long distances without worrying about a recharge. Different models of self balance electric scooters use different quality of batteries which is why their battery lives will differ from each other. The highest quality self-balancing scooters will offer a longer battery life as compared to the low budget ones. There are some even advanced power saving models of self-balancing scooters which use the gravitational potential energy to charge the batteries when riding them downhill.


Not every self balancing scooter will be built the exact same way. Of course, the material used and the features included will vary with the brand and the price. Although it might be highly appealing to save a few bucks today and buy a cheaper self-balancing electric scooter but you will regret your decision when it breaks down just within weeks. Try to find a robust model by one of the reputable brands as the ones which we have added to our self-balance scooter reviews. See if the model is designed for all kinds of terrains, on and off-road, mud and puddles, so you won’t have to worry when you take it out for a spin.

If the self-balancing scooter which you own isn’t super durable, you can use a self balancing scooter skin to protect it from dirt and water and increase its life to some extent.


Different customers have different requirements when it comes to the maximum speed limit of a self-balancing scooter. Some might be looking for a regular means of transportation in the self balancing scooter which they purchase while others might simply be looking for some thrill and action. Some might be looking for a self balance scooter for their kids which can offer a fun but safe ride. For children and beginners, a smaller maximum speed of around 8 mph might be more suitable while experienced riders who are looking for a thrilling experience will find many models which offer a maximum speed limit of up to 12 mph.


The range of the self balancing scooter which is the maximum distance that it can cover with a single charge will vary with the terrain, weight of the rider and the speed which you are going at besides the self-balancing scooter itself which is why it is harder to judge it. Anyhow, you need to be looking for a model of self-balancing scooter which can offer a good range of around 12 to 15 miles when riding it on a flat surface.


For regular riders, it is important to consider the weight and the portability that their self balancing scooter features. You can ride your self-balancing scooter to your school but what about the hallways and the classrooms? You’ll probably have to haul around the self balance scooter in these areas which is why you need to check if it is portable enough to do so easily. Compact designs and lighter weights are preferred when you are looking for a portable model.

It’s even better if your model comes with a carrying case since it will make transportation very easy. If it does not already include a carrying case, you can also find one separately on Amazon but make sure you check if it’s the right size for your self-balancing electric scooter.

Charging Time:

Charging time is the amount of time that your self-balance scooter will spend plugged in with the charger until it is completely charged and ready for action. Although a smaller charging time might attract you at first glance but also remember to check the range of the self balancing scooter together with its charging time. Too small a charging time might come with a smaller battery life and range of the self-balancing scooter which isn’t what you are looking for. Try to find a small charging time which does not compromise on the range and battery life. A range of around 10 miles or higher with a charging time of around 2 to 3 hours is a good bet.

Nighttime Visibility:

In the bright daylight, riding a self-balancing scooter shouldn’t be a problem at all. However, it’s the nighttime when maneuvering the self balancing scooter in the dark will be a bit difficult. It will especially be problematic if the rider is a kid or a beginner. LED headlights are a huge plus if you plan on using your self-balancing electric scooter in the night as well. Besides offering good visibility in the night, LEDs around your self balance scooter also kind of give it a classy like.

Learning Mode:

Learning mode is another huge benefit to have in your self-balancing scooter since it limits the maximum speed to a safe limit. If you are a beginner to these vehicles, always look for a self-balance scooter with either a low maximum speed limit or a learning mode which will limit your speed so that you enjoy a safe riding experience. This learning mode is also an excellent means of keeping your children from over-speeding if it’s for them that you are purchasing it.


Once you have brought home your brand new self balancing scooter, you wouldn’t want to miss out on some of the cool, inexpensive accessories that go with it. There are multiple accessories available for different self balancing scooter models including Carry Bag, Skin and Case, Chargers and Shoes. These accessories will either enhance the looks of your ride, protect it from damage or protect you against unforeseen accidents while riding the self-balance scooter.


Warranty is a very important thing when spending a decent amount on anything new at the market. It is especially important for electronic gadgets such as a self balancing scooter since it has so many electrical parts and connections which can go wrong. It is best that you find a self-balancing scooter that comes with an extended warranty from the manufacturer. You might not find a genuine warranty for it if you purchase from an unreliable source such as a store you haven’t had much experience with. Amazon is the most popular and reliable source to purchase a self-balance scooter. They will offer a reliable warranty which you can count on if anything goes wrong.

How does a Self-Balancing Scooter Work?

So we have already seen what a self-balance electric scooter is. It’s time we gain some basic insight into how it works. Here is a list of the very basic movements you can make while riding a self-balancing scooter:

How does a Self-Balancing Scooter Work

* Once you are standing upright on the self balancing scooter with each of your feet on the correct food pad, you can bend forward to bring it to motion and start moving forward. The more you bend, the more you accelerate in the forward direction.
Bend your body backward or apply greater pressure on your heels and you will start to slow down. If you continue putting pressure on your heels, the self-balance scooter will eventually come to a halt.
* You can turn by applying forward pressure using either one of your feet while keeping the other one horizontal. This rotates one of the wheels faster than the other which brings about a change in direction for your ride.
* You can also do a 360% rotation and impress your friends simply by applying forward pressure using one foot and backward pressure using the other foot. You will keep rotating while standing at a single position for as long as you keep applying this pressure.


Some Safety Rules to Remember before Riding

Self Balancing Scooter Safety Rules

Self balancing scooters make a fun ride for everyone. However, to ensure a safe experience with these rides, you need to keep some safety tips in mind.

Weight limit:

Most self-balancing scooters will have a maximum weight limit which you need to take seriously. For an average self-balancing electric scooter, the weight limit will generally be 220 pounds which equals 100 kg. If you have a weight higher than this limit, you can find some models in the market which support higher weights.

UL certification:

Another very important rule is to find a self-balancing scooter that’s UL certified. If you are already using a self-balance scooter which isn’t UL certified, you should quit using it right away and get a model which is certified. Of course, your safety comes first.

Supervised Charging:

Do not leave your scooter on charging when you’re not present to supervise. Keep an eye on the self-balancing scooter all the while that it is being charged and disconnect it as soon as it has charged completely. Leaving it for charging overnight is not a good idea at all.

Avoid Over-Speeding:

If you’re a beginner to self balancing scooters, you should avoid over-speeding to keep yourself from harm. Most self-balance scooters available nowadays come with dedicated learning modes which automatically limit your speed to a safe level. Remember to select this mode before beginning your ride for as long as it takes to master the skill. Once you are confident about your self balancing skills, you may cruise at higher speeds depending on what’s supported by the model of self-balancing scooter which you own.

Keep away from Traffic:

Always take sidewalks or trails whenever you take your self balancing electric scooter out for a spin. Keep away from roads and traffic to enjoy a safe ride and prevent yourself from any accidents.

Local Laws:

Check the local laws and see if it allows you to ride these vehicles in public. There are some very popular cities such as London and New York City where unlicensed vehicles including self-balancing scooters are banned even on sidewalks or streets. You can only ride them in your own backyard or driveway. You wouldn’t want to be charged with a hefty fine while flaunting your new self-balancing scooter out in the streets so make sure to check the local laws before taking your self balancing scooter out for a ride.


Nothing is too hard once you’re fully prepared to encounter it. Same goes for finding the self balancing electric scooter. If you were intimidated and had little idea about these cool new gadgets that your colleagues were all raving about, that’s not the case anymore. You now know enough to get yourself the best one in the lot, and that too without breaking a bank!
So whether you’re a 12 year old, a teenager or a 50 year old Grandpa, it’s never too late to bring a little thrill to your life! Now that you know all about self balance scooters and realize how cool they are, just head to the reviews of the self balancing scooters which we have added on our site and find for yourself the perfect model that’s made just for you.