Top 7 Cheap Hoverboards For Sale 2019

Give the environment something to thank you for by dumping your old car and getting hold of one of the cheap hoverboards for sale. Yes, this brand new means of transportation is not only pollution-free and environment-friendly, but it’s also a fast and enjoyable means for commuting smaller distances. These futuristic transports use an innovative self-balancing technology to balance the rider on a board attached with wheels at both ends. Of course, the actual design and the technologies at play inside a hoverboard are much cooler and sophisticated as compared to this simple description.

Are you ready to give hoverboard a try? Beware! You will find tons of cheap hoverboards in the market, not all of which will offer the safe and unique riding experience that you deserve. Lucky for you, you have landed at the right spot in your search for hoverboards for sale. Let the experts help you out with this important decision which will start you off on a great riding experience. Putting your safety, comfort and enjoyment as our top priorities, we have picked the cheapest hoverboards off the market so that you can make a perfect selection.

Hoverboards For Sale in Summary




Swagtron Pro T1

Swagtron Pro T1

Max Speed (mph):12Battery Life (hour): 3Bluetooth:Yes

Razor Hovertrax 2.0

Razor Hovertrax 2.0

Max Speed (mph): 6Battery Life (hour)2Bluetooth: Yes

Tomoloo Music-Rhythmed HoverBoard

Tomoloo Music-Rhythmed

Max Speed (mph): 10Battery Life (hour)2Bluetooth: Yes

Swagtron T5

Swagtron Vibe T580

Max Speed (mph): 10Battery Life (hour)2Bluetooth: Yes

Gyroor Warrior

Gyroor Warrior

Max Speed (mph): 10Battery Life (hour)2Bluetooth: Yes

Tomoloo Hoverboard

Tomoloo Hoverboard

Max Speed (mph): 10Battery Life (hour)2Bluetooth: Yes

Cho All Terrain Hoverboard

Swagtron Entry Level

Max Speed (mph): 10Battery Life (hour)2Bluetooth: Yes

Cheap Hoverboard Reviews

#1. Swagtron Pro T1 Hoverboard

Swagtron Pro T1If you would like to make an entrance at your school or workplace in style, Swagtron T1 is the best way to do so. With a classy exterior available in 3 different colors, it also features a completely safe exterior as well as interior with the necessary UL2272 certification to prove it. Another safety feature, unique to this hoverboard is the Safe Stop Technology which brings the device to a smooth and safe halt in case the battery dies instead of stopping it abruptly. Along with the fire-proof exterior, the Lithium-ion batteries are also enclosed inside multiple layers of fire-proof aluminum. As for its performance, the motor of 250 watts provides an adequate top speed of 8 mph and a maximum range of 12 miles. Surprisingly, the charging time is only an hour so you will not have to wait a lot before you can start cruising again. In addition, the hoverboard can even climb inclines of up to 30 degrees. Furthermore, it will support a weight of 220 lbs and is suitable to ride for children as well as adults. Some additional useful features that are included are LED headlights, learning mode, battery indication and rubber bumpers.


There are some drawbacks worth mentioning.  The first one is the lower top speed of 8 mph which you might already have noticed. However, the same feature also makes it safer for beginners and children. Also, you will not find any Bluetooth speakers or app connectivity in this model.

#2. Razor Hovertrax 2.0 Hoverboard

Razor Hovertrax 2.0Besides its sleek appearance which will make sure you are the coolest hoverboard rider in town, it also offers a superior auto-balancing feature which ensures a smooth ride. Besides the usual UL2272 certification to ensure the safety of the rider, Hovertrax 2.0 is loaded with attractive features. From the scratch-resistant steel frame to the removable lithium-ion battery pack, everything about the hoverboard is commendable. The top speed offered is 8 mph while the charging time is about 1 to 2 hours. After the hoverboard is fully charged, you can ride it for about an hour without any problems. The product supports up to 220 lbs of rider weight while itself, it weighs only 23 pounds. Furthermore, it features a useful EverBalance technology which helps the rider step up and down from it without any accidents or falls. Furthermore, the LED headlights will help you navigate your way through the night while the battery indicators will tell you when it’s time for a recharge. Besides the normal riding mode, the hoverboard also features a learning mode which is perfect for amateur riders.


You should know that the wheels of this hoverboard aren’t too strong and they are not designed for rough surfaces. The model, however, will work perfectly on smooth roads. Also, the motors aren’t too strong which is reflected by the lower top speed of the model. Run-time could also have been better but it’s compensated by the lower charging time.

#3. Tomoloo Music-Rhythmed HoverBoard

Tomoloo Music-Rhythmed HoverBoardIf you want an inexpensive hoverboard which offers you with the same exciting riding experience as that with one of the top class hoverboards, this model is the one for you. Even at such a low price, the manufacturers have not compromised on the safety offered by the ride which is apparent by the fact that the ride comes with both UL2272 and UL2271 certification to meet the highest safety standards. The exterior is not only strong to prevent any cracks or scratches but also fire-resistant and high-temperature resistant to ensure its longevity. Another exciting addition to the design of the model is the Bluetooth 4.0 speaker which connects to your phone and lets you enjoy music with top quality stereo surround sound. Besides the high top speed of 12 mph, the model features a maximum range of 6.2 miles between charges. Additionally, weighing only 17.6 lbs, you will find this hoverboard exceptionally lightweight to carry. It also has a warranty of an entire year. During this time you can get in contact with the manufacturer if there is an issue with the controller, motor or battery. As for the charger, you can report any issues up to 6 months from the date you purchase it.


Apart from the lower maximum range that a single charge of the hoverboard covers, the charge time is also higher than most of the other models of hoverboards that are present in the market. Also, it comes in a single color so there aren’t any options available for the customers.

#4. Swagtron Vibe T580 Hoverboard

Swagtron Vibe T580This is an inexpensive hoverboard model featured by Swagtron, which is undoubtedly one of the most renowned and reliable hoverboard manufacturers in the market. The hoverboard is UL compliant for all electricity and safety standards for a peaceful riding experience of its riders. Despite the lower price, the hoverboard includes all of the cool features including Bluetooth speakers and app connectivity so that you may easily switch between modes, use the map function, play music and check battery life via your Smartphone. The dual 200 watts motor let you cruise to up to a top speed of 7.5 mph and even climb inclined planes of up to 30 degrees of incline. The hoverboard can carry you for up to 8 miles with a single full charge and can support riders of up to 220 lbs in weight. Additionally, the ride is suitable for most off-road adventures since, along with strong motors, the hoverboard also features tough rubber tires of 6.5”. You will also appreciate the non-slip foot pads that are included for a safe and comfortable riding experience and LED lights which offer battery indication without opening the app on your Smartphone. Even with the countless features mentioned above, the weight of the device is kept as low as 20 lbs which makes it no trouble at all to carry it the entire day.


The hoverboard seems a bit under-powered, which is pretty much expected at this low a price. Also, battery life is a bit smaller than you would want from one of the high-priced models. Other than these two minor flaws, it makes a good buy.

5. Gyroor Warrior Hoverboard

Gyroor WarriorThis is a powerful ride suitable for off-road cruising that is built to perfection by one of the top hoverboard manufacturing companies, Gyroor. Besides the basic UL2272 certification of this hoverboard model, what makes it stand out are the 8.5-inch tough tires and strong 700 watts motor for a smooth cruising experience on rough terrains. Whether you are riding through grass, sand, gravel or a cobbled pathway, the ride will feel as smooth as ever! The maximum speed supported by the model is 9.95 mph while the maximum range covered after a single charge is about 9 miles. You may even climb inclines of over 30 degrees effortlessly riding on your hoverboard. Despite the higher top range, the hoverboard takes the same 1 to 2 hours to complete the charging like most others available in the market. To add even more entertainment to your off-road adventure, the design also features built-in speakers which can play songs from your phone. Furthermore, the maximum rider weight of 265 lbs supported is higher than it is for most hoverboards. The Gyroor Warrior also features app connectivity so that you can switch between riding modes, select playlists and change the color of the LEDs.


The Bluetooth connectivity isn’t as strong as you would like from a hoverboard of its class as you may encounter a connection loss at times. Also, with the heavy tires and the sturdy body, the hoverboard becomes somewhat tedious to carry, weighing over 33 pounds.

6. Tomoloo Hoverboard

Tomoloo HoverboardHere is another one by Tomoloo which is among the top rated inexpensive hoverboard among riders. Even at a low price, it guarantees the safety of the rider with UL2272 certification. Besides meeting all the safety and electrical standards, it also features beautiful LED lighting around the tires and the front and back of the hoverboard for all those who wish for a cool and lively riding experience.  The colors of the LED lights will switch randomly for a unique experience. Furthermore, add even more fun to your ride with 4.0 Bluetooth technology which lets you enjoy your favorite songs from your phone. As for the technical features, the hoverboard manages to cover most of what a high-end hoverboard will offer including a maximum speed of 7.5 mph and ability to climb over 15 degrees of inclines. It will take about 2 hours for the hoverboard to finish charging after which it allows you to ride up to a maximum of 12 miles before the battery dies down. The hoverboard weighs only around 19 pounds making transportation much easier and can carry users weighing up to 165 pounds.


As you would expect from a budget model, the design isn’t tough enough to handle rough terrains or high speeds. Also, the maximum weight that it can support is much smaller as compared to the other models on our list. Overall, the ride offers sufficient performance for amateur riders.

7. Swagtron Entry Level Hoverboard

Swagtron T5If you would like to begin your hoverboard riding experience with a quality, entry-level hoverboard from a reliable manufacturer, this is the one to choose. Being one of the cheapest models on this list, it’s light on the pocket and guarantees your safety and enjoyable riding experience that is completely up to your expectations. Along with UL2272 certification, the learning mode further guarantees your safety while you focus your attention on learning the skill. The maximum speed is purposefully limited 7 mph to make it suitable for amateur riders while the maximum range is 7 miles with a single full charge of the board. The batteries will take only about an hour to charge fully and the presence of battery indicators will help you decide when it’s time to plug in your hoverboard for a recharge. The hoverboard weighs only about 19 pounds so that it can easily be carried by kids and can carry riders weighing 187.4 lbs. Additionally, the 7” tires are sufficiently large for superior traction on the ground and a smooth ride. Of course, with a reputable manufacturer such as this one, there is also a reliable one year warranty and superior customer support to back the product and prevent any inconvenience. 


The maximum speed and range that are offered aren’t quite sufficient for expert riders since the product is designed as an entry-level hoverboard for beginners. Also, the maximum weight supported is much smaller than most of the top-class hoverboards. 


Hoverboards do not really have to be a luxury that only the rich kids can afford. Even if you don’t have an extravagant budget or your parents aren’t as generous as you would like them to be, not too worry. You can enjoy the same level of enjoyment as that of an advanced hoverboard with one of the hoverboards for sale that are available in the market. Despite being a cheap hoverboard, they come with bright, cool leds, strong wheels and advanced balancing technology to make a cool ride for the young generation. 


5 Best Hover Shoes Reviews 2019 – Buying Guide

If hoverboards are an old trend to you and you are in the mood for something new and exciting, you need a pair of hover shoes. Yes you read that right: it’s a very recent invention and not many people know about these new gadgets but real hover shoes really do exist in the market and can be ordered online. Since hoverboards were gaining such popularity among kids and adults alike, the technology is continuously evolving since so many manufacturers around the globe have been focusing on it. It is the result of these developments in the design of hoverboards which led to the production of hover shoes which the world may now benefit from.

These next-generation gadgets by the name of hover shoes have a lot to offer. Hover shoes offer more excitement, more enjoyment, enhanced battery life and better affordability as compared to hoverboards. You are at the right location to learn more about these cool, new gadgets before purchasing them. Also read some hover shoes reviews on the same page before selecting something to buy.

Best Hover Shoes in Summary




Segway Drift W1 Electric Hovershoes

Segway Drift W1 Electric Hovershoes

Max Speed (mph): 12Battery Life (min)45Weight Limit: 220 pound

Koowheel Electric Hover Shoes

Koowheel Electric Hover Shoes

Max Speed (mph): 10Battery Life (hour)2Bluetooth: Yes

InMotion Hover shoes

InMotion Hover shoes

Max Speed (mph): 10Battery Life (hour)2Bluetooth: Yes

Tomoloo Music Rhymed Hover Shoes

Tomoloo Music Rhymed Hover Shoes

Max Speed (mph): 10Battery Life (hour)2Bluetooth: Yes

Bluefin Self Balancing Hover Shoes

Bluefin Self Balancing Hover Shoes

Max Speed (mph): 10Battery Life (hour)2Bluetooth: Yes

What Exactly are Hover Shoes?

Since they are a very recent development, almost everyone who comes across the name will ask the same question: what are hover shoes? They basically are high-tech shoes equipped with somewhat the same self-balancing technology as was the case with hoverboards. Hover shoes appeared in the market very recently, May 2018 to be precise.

Although hover shoes may appear similar in design to the conventional skating shoes, the difference is that hover shoes incorporate hoverboard technology unlike skating shoes. Also, hover shoes are electric and run on batteries while skateboards don’t which creates a better feel of the ride. In terms of the features that are offered, hover shoes are very similar to hoverboard but are much more fun to ride. You will have to, of course, try them on to believe it.

In simple terms, a hover shoe is a small platform on top of a 3.5 inch roller style wheel. While hoverboards have positions for both the feet on a single platform, hover shoes use a separate platform for each foot.

Hover Shoes Reviews

#1. Segway Drift W1 Electric Hovershoes

Segway Drift W1 Electric HovershoesThese are the latest hover shoes by Segway Drift which utilize self balancing technology in roller skates to make a cool, fun ride for everyone. They will offer you the same quality standards in these hover shoes as they do in all the rest of the products they are renowned for. They are not exactly shoes but bases for each of your shoe which means you can use them with your regular pair of sneakers.

The black and white, triangular design is simple yet futuristic. The design is also ergonomic to securely settle at the base of your shoes for you to enjoy a comfortable ride. The ambient lights can be switched between 3 different modes depending on what looks cooler in the moment. Besides the aesthetics, the manufacturer has paid careful attention to safety as well. Rubber bumpers installed at the front and back protect the hover shoes from damage upon contact with the ground. What also protects the product is the water proofing included around the mainframe and the batteries to let you ride safely even in the rain.

Also, the motor is exceptionally powerful to overcome resistance and make steering easier. As for the transportation, it couldn’t be simpler since the product offers elastic bands for carrying and weighs only 8 pounds.


With the short wheels on these hover shoes, they are not the most suitable vehicle to ride on rough terrains. Also customers suggest that it could do better with some app support to adjust the sensitivity and other things.

#2. Koowheel Electric Hover Shoes

Koowheel Electric Hover ShoesLaunched in 2018, these hover shoes represent the future of the self balancing technology. Besides being the latest and coolest brainchild of hover-gadgets, it meets all safety standards and has been UL2272 certified for your reassurance. With simple movements of your feet, you can steer the hover shoes forwards, backwards or sideways.

The device is simple to learn, safe and lots of fun to ride. Even the transportation is made simpler with the lightweight hover shoes weighing only 3.3 kg per shoe. With a 250 watts motor housed inside each unit and a pair of 3.5” wheels at the base of each shoe, it offers a better riding experience than many self-balancing vehicles of comparable price.

The foot pads can together support a rider weight between 22 lbs to 286 lbs while the reliable batteries take about 2 hours to charge completely and can cover a distance of 10 km on a single charge. The gadget comes waterproofed with IP65 technology to offer a safe and reliable ride in all weather conditions. You additionally get a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty to cover the parts and labor.


You will need to choose a smooth terrain to ride your new Koowheel skates as was the case with the first one on our list. Riding with it on rough terrains such as paved stones is not safe for you or the product. It is not much fun either. 

#3. InMotion Hover Shoes

InMotion Hover shoesSlightly more expensive than the first two on our list, these are undoubtedly a great option if you are looking for some unique self-balancing experience. These new hover shoes are designed by InMotion for some exclusive experience. Each of the shoes will weigh 6 lbs which makes them easy to transport.

These are the next generation electronic skates which make you look trendy among your friends besides being incredibly fun to ride. The batteries will take 1.5 hours to charge completely and can cover a distance of 7 miles with a single charge. The IP65 waterproofing will ensure product safety even if you accidentally ride through puddles.

The 3.5 inch wheels which are rotated by 250 watts motor on each side provide a smooth ride both indoors and outdoors. In the package you get besides the hover shoes, a charger to charge the batteries and a complete 1 year warranty to cover any damages. The friendly customer service staff responds promptly and makes sure you enjoy the same enjoyable experience for a long time.

#4. Tomoloo Music Rhymed Hover Shoes

Tomoloo Music Rhymed Hover ShoesWant to enjoy a wonderful experience with these new electric roller skates from MixMart. They are cheaper than most on this list and yet incredibly enjoyable and durable. Simple to learn and experiment new tricks with, these hover shoes are suitable for all ages above 8. In addition, they are small, lightweight and very easy to transport. Two handles on each piece of 3.3 kg will allow you to carry it in your hand when riding them isn’t feasible.

Besides, the product is safe from all sorts of fire hazards which are often associated with these self-balancing products and they are FE and CE approved to prove the level of protection. These hover shoes are also UL2272 certified for even further assurance. Strong, 250 watts motors power the wheels on each side can support weight from 22lbs to 220 lbs and a full charge takes 3 hours to complete can carry you a maximum distance of 10 km.

Besides the technical excellence, the hover shoes are also designed to make you look cool with LED lights to literally make you stand out in a crowd, especially in the dark. Furthermore, a 1 year warranty will cover the parts as well as the labor for your satisfaction. In the package you get besides the cool new hover shoes, a power charger for charging the batteries and also a user manual with clear instructions on how to ride it.

5. Bluefin Self Balancing Hover Shoes

Bluefin Self Balancing Hover ShoesThis is another pair of electric roller skates of hover shoes by Bluefin which use an innovative self balancing gravity technology. With this technology, the hover shoes will balance themselves on their own with just a little pressure from your feet. These latest hover shoes let you move in the forward or backward direction, spin and perform some amazing stunts to dazzle your friends.

In the package you also get a connection bar which connects the two pieces and turns it into a hoverboard. With this feature, you have the option of riding it as cool, new hover shoes or the conventional hoverboard. The LED lights at the base of the shoes are not just for coolness but also indicate different information such as green light means you can start moving, amber means the device has low charge and red is for stop. Blue is the default color of these led lights.

A single charge can take you up to 10 km with a maximum speed of 12 km/h. The carry straps on both the pieces let you carry the lightweight hover shoes easily while the 3.5 inch wheels which are equipped with rubber tread make the ride a smooth one. There is also a carry bag available for the hover shoes to make transportation even easier. Whether you are a professional or a beginner, you will love the range of movements, the smooth ride and your cool new look with these perfect hover shoes.

How are Hover Shoes different from Hoverboards?

Hoverboards and hover shoes are both personal vehicles which use hover technology. Why then did the manufacturers feel the need to develop hover shoes when hoverboard already existed on the planet? Imagine a hoverboard chopped in half right through its center. Now each side will operate independently which is exactly the idea behind hover shoes.

Here are all the major differences between the two gadgets:

Improved Movements:

Just like the imaginary, chopped up hoverboard which we discussed, each hover shoe operates independently and has no means of communicating among each other. This allows you to experiment with a wider range of movements, have loads of fun and impress your friends. You can watch Youtube videos and learn new tricks.


To turn a hoverboard, you had to apply greater pressure on one side of the board to rotate the wheel on this side faster than the other. Many a times, this difference in pressure would result in a disbalance and cause the rider to fall off the board. If you have been using hoverboards in the past, you will remember the problems of balancing and possible falls which you might have experienced especially during the learning stages.

With hover shoes, the case is entirely different. Since both sides operate independently, the rider can accelerate one side much more easily without fearing a fall. Not only is the ride more enjoyable on hover shoes, it is also much safer than riding on a hoverboard.

Latest Technology:

For those of us who are always craving for the latest technology for phones, laptops and other electronics, why should it be any different for these hover-gadgets? Also, when you are getting the latest variants of hoverboards at such an affordable price, there is no reason to say no. These are the 2.0 generation of hover-technology in store which is the latest which you will find as of today.

Simple to Learn:

What will also impress you is the fact that hover shoes are very simple to learn. Once you order them online and start using them, you will understand that you achieve good control of these gadgets much sooner than you learned how to ride hoverboards.

Besides the simpler and more user-friendly design, the faster learning could also be because of their close resemblance to skating shoes. Although hover shoes are new in the market, skating shoes have been around for ages and many people are familiar with them. All of these people, who have already had experience with skating shoes, will find it very simple to ride hover shoes.


Since these are shoes, you can customize them according to your style and ideas. When you start thinking in these terms, you will find so many ideas to work with your hover shoes and customize them to your likes. Led lights can be installed to the shoes to give them a cool look. Besides the cool look, these lights will also help you navigate safely in the dark.

You can get even more creative and turn it into a hoverboard if that is what you would like to try. A metal tube attached between the shoes will do the trick. These metal tubes come included in the package for most cases. You may also purchase them separately if your hover shoes do not include it in the design. Enjoy a few rides on your customized hoverboard and when it’s no longer fun, you can remove the metal tube and turn it back to your hover shoes.

Major Parts of Hover Shoes

There are certain specialized components which make a hover shoe and give it its hovering capabilities. Let’s check out what’s inside a hover shoe that makes it a gadget from the future.

Hover Shoes Parts


Of course, since these are electronic gadgets, the presence of batteries was pretty much expected. Just like hoverboards, hover shoes will be powered by batteries which will need to be charged. Upon charging, these batteries will store the energy inside them which will be used to operate the hover shoes when it is in action. When purchasing a pair of hover shoes, you need to consider the batteries which have a larger capacity since it means it will run the gadget for longer durations between charges.


The Gyroscope is the heart of the hover-technology. This is also the component which makes appropriate adjustments to the tilt of the device to balance the rider all the while that he or she is on the hover shoes.


Motor is another major component without which the hover shoes will not function. The batteries will power the motor which will spin the wheels which will move the hover shoes forward, backward or make it turn. It is owing to the motors that the hover shoes function.

Safety Precautions

Although hover shoes are much safer to ride as compared to hoverboards, you still need to take a few safety precautions, especially if you are a beginner. Just like hoverboards, you need to be prepared for a few falls during the first few rides while wearing your new hover shoes. Being prepared does not thankfully mean bearing the pain. It only means taking a few precautionary measures so that you are not hurt even if you do encounter a fall. It also means taking safety measures to keep your gadget in good shape and protected for a long time. Here are a few safety measures you can take while riding in your hover shoes:

Buy Quality Hover Shoes:

Buying quality products in the first place instead of cheap ones will reduce your chances of a fall in the first place. Better quality hover shoes will offer a much better control over the gadget. With better control of the hover shoes and better balance, you will be much less likely to experience a fall.

If you aren’t sure which of the hover shoes are good quality and which are not, you can pick one out of the ones we have included in our reviews section on the very same page. We have only added the best quality products from reputable manufacturers which can be fully trusted.

Although hover shoes are a new invention but most of the manufacturers like the Segway are already popular for producing quality hoverboards. These are the manufacturers which can be trusted for hover shoes as well.

Do not Overcharge:

This goes for all electronic gadgets: prevent the batteries from overcharging. Just like you are always told not to leave your phone plugged overnight to prevent overcharging, you shouldn’t leave your hover shoes charging for too long. Remove the batteries from charge as soon as they are fully charged.

Over charging batteries can decrease the battery life which means it will discharge in a smaller duration than it used to initially. It also means that they will wear out soon and your hover shoes will no longer be usable. To prevent any harm to your hover shoes or the batteries, keep yourself alert all the while they are charging and remove them as soon as the charge is complete.

Safety Gear:

Wearing complete safety gear is very important whether you are riding hover shoes or hoverboard. It is even more important if you are a beginner. The complete set of safety gear comprising of helmet, knee pads, elbow pads and wrist guards protects you from an injury in case you fall. Teenagers may not be too excited about wearing these safety gears but they are only for their protection. If it does not come in the way of your enjoyment and protects you from harm, it’s not a bad idea to wear them at all.

Practice indoors:

Before cruising right in the middle of the road the first time you try them on, it is better to practice indoors for a while. Only when you are sure that you have perfected the skill should you take the hover shoes outside on the sidewalks. If you don’t have a lot of room for practicing indoors, you can ride it in the yard, garage or in an open space outside your house where you are sure you won’t find any cars.


Hover shoes are a breakthrough in the self-balancing technology. It might even be something from the future in terms of the design and innovative technology. If you have had fun on your hoverboard or even if you haven’t used any self balancing device before, you will love riding these latest hover shoes. Purchase the pair of hover shoes which attract you most in the list we have added on the page and you will have a wonderful time riding them.  


10 Best Hoverboard Reviews 2019 – Comprehensive Guide

Hoverboards are the trendiest vehicles of the century but that does not make them super expensive. In fact, even the best hoverboards are quite affordable these days. Also, the safety issues which were a matter of concern a few years back have been carefully dealt with by the Consumer Product Safety Commission of the United States or CPSC. If a hoverboard comes with safety certifications from this authority, it’s completely safe to ride, besides being exceptionally entertaining.

With these safety certifications and growing competition among manufacturers to bring the perfect model into the market, finding the top rated hoverboards  isn’t as hard as it once used to be. However, you cannot trust every model of electric hoverboard you lay eyes on. They are all constructed differently and there are so many features that you need to be looking into before you can decide which hoverboard to pick. Through this comprehensive guide and hoverboard reviews, you’ll learn all about these trendy vehicles and also gain some very useful insight into buying the best one.

What Exactly is Hoverboard?

For those who are not familiar with the hoverboard at all, it basically is a two-wheeled personal transport much like a skateboard, only with a lot more sophisticated features and is powered by batteries. A standing platform is mounted on top of two motorized wheels. The sensors placed below the platform sense the motions of your feet and convey them to the wheels to let them know how to move. You can propel the hoverboard forward or backward depending on which way you lean and can also change its direction by twisting the platform with your feet.

Best Hoverboards in Summary

IMAGE Product Features Header
Swagtron T6 Swagtron T6 Max Speed (mph):12Battery Life (hour): 3Bluetooth:Yes
Veeko Hoverboard Veeko Hoverboard Max Speed (mph): 6Battery Life (hour): 2Bluetooth: Yes
NHT Spider Hoverboard NHT Spider Max Speed (mph): 10Battery Life (hour): 2Bluetooth: Yes
Gyroor G-F1 Hoverboard Gyroor G-F1 Max Speed (mph): 10Battery Life (hour): 2Bluetooth: Yes
Skque X1/I Hoverboard Skque X1/I Max Speed (mph): 10Battery Life (hour): 2Bluetooth: Yes
Hyper Gogo Hoverboard Hyper Gogo Max Speed (mph): 10Battery Life (hour): 2Bluetooth: Yes
Cho All Terrain Hoverboard Cho All Terrain Max Speed (mph): 10Battery Life (hour): 2Bluetooth: Yes
Hoverzon App-Enabld Hoverboard Hoverzon App-Enabld Max Speed (mph): 10Battery Life (hour): 2Bluetooth: Yes
Xprit Hoverboard Xprit Max Speed (mph): 10Battery Life (hour): 2Bluetooth: Yes
XtremepowerUS Hoverboard XtremepowerUS Max Speed (mph): 10Battery Life (hour): 2Bluetooth: Yes

Why should I buy a hoverboard?

Almost every teenager dreams of owning this latest toy. Even many adults find it a convenient, eco-friendly and inexpensive way for travelling small distances. Before going into the details on how to buy one, let’s look at some of the reasons why self balancing scooters are so popular among all age groups. It will help convince you what a fun and beneficial means of transportation it is to justify your purchase to yourself and to others if you need to:

Keeps your child active:

With the growing popularity of Smartphones, tablets and similar electronic devices, it’s hard to find a teenager without one of these devices in their hands. These devices are the biggest reason for the lack of physical activity in their daily routine. Physical activities are very important for your child’s health and hoverboards are a great means for bringing some of it back into their routines. An enjoyable activity such as this will help motivate them to step outside the house, move around a bit and exercise their muscles.

Cost efficient:

Even adults will love this vehicle since a hoverboard is a fun and inexpensive way to commune small distances as compared to most other vehicles. Making a small initial investment on a good hoverboard will pay off very quickly when you’ll be saving hundreds of dollars every month that would otherwise have been spent on fuel for commuting by car or bike. Hoverboards do not run on fuel since they are battery powered and can travel up to 15 kilometers when completely charged. This means that you don’t have to take out your car every time you want to visit the grocery store that’s just a few blocks away.


With the growing population, global warming and climatic changes due to the burning of fuels are also important concerns that require our attention. One way to cut down on pollution and its effects on the environment is to invest in an eco-friendly hoverboards so that there are fewer cars and bikes on the road. Since hoverboards are powered by batteries and not by fuels, they do not emit any gases or pollutants to effect the environment unlike most of the other vehicles.

Compact and Portable:

With the compact design and portability of hoverboards, you can easily carry them on your shoulders or in your car to your school, office or even on a camping trip. You don’t even have to find a parking space for these lightweight vehicles. When you have reached your destination, simply pack your ride in your backpack and carry it along.

Fun for Everyone:

Probably the biggest reason why everyone loves them so much is that hoverboards are such fun to ride! They are not just meant as a toy for the kids but something that anyone can enjoy regardless of what their age might be. It’s a simple skill to learn which you can master in just a couple of hours of practice after which you can start having loads of fun!

Hoverboard Reviews

#1. Swagtron T6Best Hoverboard to Buy in 2019

Swagtron T6If you are searching for the toughest and the speediest two-wheeled ride, this is probably it! Although it is among the pricier choices, this hoverboard by Swagtron will offer everything you could ask out of a hoverboard. The construction of T6 is solid with aluminum and ABS plastic casing to protect all its internal parts. The board is tough enough to handle up to 420 lbs of rider weight and all kinds of terrains including up to 30 degrees of inclines, mud, puddles, stone pathways and even grass. Probably the best features are the 12-mile range and a magnificent top speed of 12mph which is yet the highest that any hoverboard in the market can achieve. The power for such a high top speed comes from its 300 watts dual motors and the tubeless 10” tires which are specially designed for all your off-road adventures. Add even more fun to your ride with the built-in Bluetooth speakers to play songs directly from your mobile phone while you cruise. The convenient app control lets you monitor the battery levels, distance covered and speed and also lets you switch between riding modes.


Everything is great about the hoverboard except for the slightly longer charging time. It takes over 3 hours to charge fully but covers a greater range as compared to most hoverboards. Also, the price is just a bit higher but completely justified with all the superior features that are offered.

#2. Veeko Hoverboard – Best For Budget Buyers

Veeko HoverboardMost hoverboard users should be familiar with the brand name VEEKO as it has been bringing some of the best hoverboards into the market and this particular model is no less. With complete UL2272 and UL2271 certification, it is among the safest hoverboards that you can find. While the hoverboard itself weighs only 22 lbs, it can carry a maximum weight of over 225 lbs easily. As for its capabilities, with the dual 250 watts motor and the highest quality lithium-ion battery pack, the hoverboard has a lot to offer. It can take you to a top speed of 9 mph and cover an impressive range of around 9 miles in a single charge. It will take only about 2 to 3 hours for your hoverboard to charge completely and have it ready for another adventure. The LED lighting isn’t simply to give your ride a cool look; it has added advantages. Not only do they help you navigate at night, but two sets of LED lights will also act as signals when you start, stop or turn. Another pair of LED lights indicate the battery level and the health of your hoverboard. Furthermore, you enjoy a year’s warranty from the manufacturer with the product.


The top speed and the maximum range seem low as compared to many other models of hoverboards available in the same price range. Also, since the hoverboard isn’t waterproof, you would probably want to keep it packed away on a rainy day.

#3. NHT Spider Hoverboard – Reasonable Price with Good Features

NHT Spider HoverboardThis is a UL2272 certified hoverboard available in 6 excitingly bold colors for all the bright riders out there. Although it comes with a fairly low price tag, the superior components featured are pretty similar to those offered by the high-end hoverboards. The dual 250 watts motor installed inside the body can generate a top speed of 10 mph in addition to covering a range of 7.5 miles on a single charge. Other than motors of the hoverboard, it is also the 6.5” vacuum tires which allow for the superior riding performance and high top speed. Besides the LED lighting which adds to the coolness of your ride and helps you navigate in the dark, you will also appreciate the fact that the hoverboard includes Bluetooth speakers as such low a price! Aside from the rainbow version of this hoverboard, all other models come with built-in Bluetooth speakers so that you enjoy music from your phone on the go. The product further features a 90-day warranty. If a problem occurs during which time, you may contact the manufacturer and have it replaced or fixed.


One of the major drawbacks to this model is the battery life which is much shorter than what you would expect from a quality hoverboard. Also, the product is quite heavy and difficult to carry around. You should also know that since it’s not waterproof, you should keep it away from wet conditions.

#4. Gyroor G-F1 Hoverboard – Best Off Road Hoverboard

Gyroor G-F1 HoverboardHere is yet another top-of-the-class hoverboard for only the most serious hoverboard riders. It offers features very similar to the 1st one on our list by Swagtron but with a slightly lower price tag. The board is constructed with 85% aluminum and comes with strong 700 watts motor housed inside the tough body. The SUV tires with a larger wheelbase are designed for a smooth, comfortable and speedy ride on all sorts of paths including bumpy paths, grass, sand and puddles. The exterior is also reinforced with IP54 protection making the hoverboard water resistant and suitable for even the toughest weather conditions. With its UL2271 certified lithium-ion batteries, the hoverboard takes just about 1.5 to 2 hours to charge entirely and get ready for action. Once on the road, the hoverboard can easily hit a top speed of about 12 mph and complete a range of around 9.5 miles. Some of the convenient extras included are 4.0 Bluetooth speakers, mobile app App support, led lighting, a handle for easier transportation and a removable battery set for easier charging.


There aren’t many cons to this unit except for the slightly smaller range that it can cover in a single charge. However, the smaller range is balanced off with the smaller charging time since there is a smaller wait involved before you can start riding again. Also, you may find some connectivity problems with the Bluetooth speakers and the Gyroor app.

5. Skque X1/I Hoverboard

Skque X1/I HoverboardThis hoverboard is probably the priciest model on our list but that’s only because it offers some of the best features. With UL2272 certification, the hoverboard ensures complete safety of the rider and the board itself while the upgraded motherboard and improved gyro sensors ensure that you enjoy the smoothest ride. The stronger exterior ensures that all interior components are protected against all road conditions and the hoverboard last you much longer than many others on sale. With the built-in Bluetooth speakers, you can connect the board to your mobile phone and enjoy your favorite songs while riding to school! Whether you enjoy traveling in style or navigating safely in the dark, built-in superior quality LED lighting will do the trick. The batteries will take only 1 to hours to charge after which they can power a dual 350 watts motor and take you up to a top speed of 7.4 mph and cover a maximum range of 12.4 miles on a flat surface. Furthermore, the hoverboard can support riders up to 264 lbs in weight and includes Bluetooth speakers to allow access to your favorite music as you roll. The hoverboard also comes with an impressive 1-year warranty from the manufacturer.


The model feels a bit overpriced for a bunch of basic features you will find in almost any other hoverboard you see in the market. Also, the top speed isn’t as high as you would be expecting from a hoverboard at this price.

6. Hyper Gogo Hoverboard

Hyper Gogo HoverboardIf you are looking for an off-road adventure but don’t have the budget for one of those fancy off-road hoverboards, this one’s for you. It will offer the same supreme off-road adventure at a much lower price tag. Besides the UL2272 certification on the entire hoverboard, the LG batteries are UL2271 certified for completely safe usage. The batteries will take just about 2 hours to charge after which it will take you for over a distance of 9 miles. This 39 pounds hoverboard is large in size and includes 8.5-inch tires to handle all sorts of terrains with a perfectly smooth riding experience for the rider. The IP54 exterior is built to resist water and dirt which prevents your investment from damage and ensures that it lasts longer. The power will impress you the most as the dual 400 watts motor giving a total of 800 watts power to the wheels is probably the highest you will find. It can handle speeds of up to 9 mph and even take you up a slope with an incline as high as 18 degrees. Besides all of the other superior features, it also gives Bluetooth speakers and LED headlights making it just the perfect gift for your kids on their next birthday.


Despite all the mesmerizing features at a reasonably low price, there are a couple of things you need to watch out for. The user manual of the product isn’t in English so you might have some problems understanding the functionality. Also, the product is not truly an all-terrain model like the Swagtron T6 which we discussed earlier.

7. Cho All Terrain Hoverboard

Cho All Terrain HoverboardHere is another affordable off-road hoverboard which you can choose for your weekend adventures. The hoverboard, just like all the other on this list, is UL2272 certified for meeting all the safety standards. It comes with all the features that make your off-road cruising more enjoyable such as built-in Bluetooth speakers with excellent sound quality and LED headlights. Besides the cool extras, the performance is also exceptional with the 8.5-inch rubber tires which are built to handle the roughest of the terrains including gravel, mud, sand and grass. The dual 350 watts motors installed into the unit can handle speeds of up to 8.5 mph and inclines of over 17 degrees without compromising on the comfortable riding experience. Furthermore, the large capacity Lithium-ion batteries take only about 2 hours for a complete charge after which they allow you to cover a distance of over 13 miles. It can support up to 264 lbs of user weight while the product itself weighs around 35 lbs. Everything about the product from its stylish black body to its superior self-balancing technology and off-road capabilities makes it a wise choice.


You should know that while the majority of the features are good, the top speed isn’t as high as that of the other high-end models of hoverboards. It is also worth noting that the customer service of the company isn’t too great so you might face some trouble if the device malfunctions.

8. Hoverzon Hoverboard – Best Bluetooth App Enabld Hoverboard

Hoverzon App-Enabld HoverboardAfter the huge success of the S series hoverboards by Hoverzon, the company sore to new heights and brought to the market another masterpiece of the self-balancing technology – Hoverzon XLS. With a stylish new look, improved design features and built-in 2.0 Bluetooth speakers, the new XLS model quickly became popular among hoverboard fans. A single charge of the superior Lithium-ion batteries can take the ride for over 11 miles and support speeds as high as 8 mph. There is, of course, complete UL2272 certification with the hoverboard to ensure your safety and that of your investment. The hoverboard also connects to an app on your mobile phone allowing you to change between riding modes and keep a check on some useful information regarding your rides such as speed, distance and battery life. This 28 pounds hoverboard is comparatively light to carry and supports a maximum weight of 220 lbs with ease. If you’re a night owl, you will appreciate the LED headlights which will guide you through the dark and will give you a fancy look that’s bound to turn a few heads.


An important thing to notice is that you won’t find mention of the motor power anywhere in the specifications which suggests that it does not have a strong one, which is probably the reason for its comparatively lower top speed. Also, keep in mind that the hoverboard isn’t water resistant so avoid taking it out in the rain.

9. Xprit Hoverboard

Xprit HoverboardAnother best seller among the cheap hoverboards is this one by Xpirit. It offers all the basic features of a good hoverboard at a remarkably low price. Despite the low price tag, Xprit has all the necessary safety features with UL2272 certification so that you can have a trouble-free experience. There are a bunch of color options which you may select from and they all include bright LED lights at the front and on the wheels to add more fun to ride. The LED lighting also helps you see and be seen at night. The 6.5” rubber tires will ensure a smooth ride on most surfaces while the anti-slip foot pads have gyroscope foot sensors installed underneath them for a better control of the ride. The batteries take around 2 to 3 hours to charge after which they will last about an hour before requiring a recharge. It can handle a maximum weight of 165 lbs and a maximum speed of 6 mph which makes it a safe pick for younger kids if you want to protect them from the dangers of over-speeding. Furthermore, the Bluetooth speakers included offer great sound quality and volumes which is surprising at this low a price.


Since it is just an entry-level hoverboard, you probably shouldn’t expect a lot of great features. The range and the maximum speed is very low compared to the high-end models. Also, avoid taking it out on rough terrains or wet conditions since the body of the hoverboard isn’t built to take much strain.

10. XtremepowerUS Hoverboard

XtremepowerUS HoverboardSince off-road cruising is so exciting, we present to you yet another model you can take on your adventures: XtremepowerUS. Although it isn’t priced as high as most other off-road hoverboards, it does a good job offering a smooth ride on rough terrains including grass, gravel and inclined slopes with over 15 degrees of incline. This UL2272 certified hoverboard is a reliable choice since it comes with solid aluminum construction and 8.5” rubber tires to survive through the toughest of conditions. A maximum weight of 220 lbs is supported by the device. You will also enjoy the extras including the high quality Bluetooth speakers and the flashing LED headlights to add more class to your ride. Besides the cool extras, the non slip foot pads provides complete balance and support to prevent slipping while you show off new tricks to your friends. The runtime of the hoverboard is around 80 minutes while the maximum speed supported is 6.4 mph. Overall, this 21.6-lb hoverboard makes a lightweight, economical choice for those looking for an off-road adventure on a tight budget.


The 6.4 mph maximum speed may be a little too slow for adventure seekers. Also, there isn’t a mention of the battery life anywhere in the specifications but we have found that it will run for at least an hour without giving you trouble. Besides these two factors, it is difficult to find any problems with the model.

Hoverboard Buyer’s Guide

As we have already pointed out, hoverboards aren’t something you can easily pick off a store shelf without any prior research. Especially if you’re buying one for your kid, you only want what’s completely safe, durable and of course, lots of fun to ride. Here are a few features that you would want to consider in the hoverboard so that you select to bring home something that is totally worth your time and money:


Safety is the most important bit to consider and not something that can be compromised upon even in the least. There have been incidents reporting hoverboards which caught fire since they did not meet the safety requirements. You obviously don’t want something like that to happen, particularly if you are purchasing it for your kid. Worry not since such incidents can be completely avoided by one simple check. Check for UL 2272 certification of the hoverboard which you are planning to purchase. A UL2272 certified hoverboard is the one which has passed all the necessary safety checks and has been certified by the authorities as completely safe to use.


Most hoverboards are quite similar with respect to the minimum and maximum speeds that they offer ranging from a minimum of around 2 mph to as high as 12 mph. The actual speed will not only depend on the model of the hoverboard but also on the condition and quality of the wheels and the weight of the rider. High speeds aren’t always a plus point especially if you are buying a hoverboard for your child. You would want to consider how fast you would want to let your kids ride. For younger kids, you might appreciate a hoverboard with a smaller top speed for safety concerns.


Among other things, the distance that your hoverboard will take you on a single charge is also an important consideration. The greater the range of a hoverboard you can find the better. Most good hoverboards will take you up to 10 to 12 miles on a flat surface on a single complete charge. Apart from the quality of the batteries of the hoverboard, the distance it can cover will also depend on other things like terrain, weight of the rider and the speed at which the rider is going.

Charging time:

The charging time that the batteries will take is closely linked to the range that the hoverboard offers. A hoverboard that is capable of covering a greater distance should take a greater amount of time to charge its batteries but the good hoverboards will try to keep their charging times to a minimum. A lower charging time means you’ll have to wait less to be able to use it again after it has been discharged. In general, most of the good quality hoverboards will have a charging time of around 2 to 3 hours. You will want to offer a hoverboard which can offer a greater range with as low a charging time of its batteries as possible.

Wheel size:

What’s also vital in determining the quality of your ride is the size of the tires on the hoverboard. Some will have smaller wheel sizes than others and their size will determine how stable your ride is and also what terrains you can take while you are riding on the hoverboard. A smaller wheel size will make the hoverboard more compact and lightweight which are both great attributes when it comes to portability but they are not a good choice at all for off-road cruising. If you’re only planning to take your hoverboard on flat, smooth surfaces, smaller wheels of 6.5 inches in diameter are a great choice. However, if you are planning to ride on more difficult terrains like green patches or hills, a 10 inch wheel should do the trick. Larger wheel sizes are always better for rough terrains


Especially when buying a hoverboard online, it’s important to do thorough research and read some customer reviews to be reassured of the quality before you actually order one. You want a solid, frame and tough tires which will last even through the roughest of terrains. Many hoverboards are constructed out of scratch resistant materials for this purpose. A stronger hoverboard will mean it will last longer and you can enjoy more years with this cool ride. The warranty that the product’s manufacturer offers is the best indication of its durability so look for a longer warranty. It will also mean that the company will cover for any damages that the hoverboard might experience during the extent of the warranty. In addition to being strong, the hoverboard should also be lightweight as not only would it be easier to carry but will also offer a smoother and faster ride.

Power of the motors:

Generally, two motors will power the hoverboard, one for each wheel. When looking for a good hoverboard, you should consider a minimum of twin 250-watts motor to give you an adequate speed. The greater the power of its motors, the better will be the speed and the quality of performance of the hoverboard.

History Behind Hoverboard

Hoverboard HistoryThese small vehicles called hoverboards which have taken over the world by storm in recent years have a rich history like any other invention. Of course for something that you find so attractive, you would want to know how it all began and where its origins lie. We will answer all your questions in this section. Let’s look at a brief overview of the history of our favorite self-balancing scooters:

Hoverboard is a very recent invention. If you track its origins, some concept of hoverboard if not its existing design dates back to 1921. This was the year when foot-powered scooters appeared in the market which used the rider’s energy rather than using a battery to power the scooter.

It was Gino Tsai from Taiwan who felt that the design of these scooters needed to be upgraded with the use of batteries so that the riders could ride long distances using these vehicles without tiring themselves. The hoverboard that he worked on is known as Razor hoverboard today.After being used for a while in Japan and China around the year 2014, hoverboards had become increasingly popular around the world by the year 2015. They were first seen in use by celebrities and the elites for fun and style but quickly became popular among the general public as well when the companies started building models with affordable prices.

The Controversy Associated with Hoverboards

Hoverboards ControversyNothing that becomes famous can hide from a little controversy and similar was the case with these new vehicles called hoverboard. However, truth be told, these controversies which came in the way of the popularity of the hoverboards in recent years of its invention had solid grounds. The earlier models of hoverboards which were released weren’t exactly the safest in design and US Consumer Product Safety Commission reported that there had been over 250 accidents related to the use of hoverboards all of which were either related to fire or overheating of the vehicle.

Some were reported to catch fire while charging of the batteries while others even caught fire while they were being ridden. Since the concerns were extremely serious in nature, authorities like CPSC recalled thousands of models of hoverboards to put them through all sorts of the toughest safety checks and banned over 15,000 brands of hoverboards as a result.

The incidents related to the hoverboards also resulted in the introduction of new safety standards associated with the use of these vehicles under Underwriters’ Laboratory or UL. UL tests the products for all kinds of safety aspects and then certifies them with UL2722 certification only if they comply with all of the safety standards. Nowadays, selecting a safe hoverboard which does not have the slightest chance of causing any accident is easy since you simply need to check for UL2722 certification while buying a model. If the model you choose comes with this certification, you don’t need to worry at all and buy the product with complete confidence regarding its safety.

How to Use a Hoverboard?

After you’re done with the hard part which was to purchase a good hoverboard, the next step is comparatively much easier. Learning how to ride a hoverboard is so easy that almost anyone can learn to do it with just a little practice. You might feel nervous stepping on to the hoverboard for the very first time but it doesn’t have to be that way. Follow these few steps mentioned below and you’ll be a pro in no time at all:

Make sure it’s charged:

Before stepping onto the hoverboard, make sure it’s fully charged. If it’s not charged, wait a while before starting to ride it and plug it into an electric supply to charge the batteries. It’s important to always ride a fully charged hoverboard so that you do not encounter any hindrances in the way.

Place your dominant foot on to the hoverboard:

After you have charged the hoverboard, turn the power on and place it in front of you on the ground. If the hoverboard has multiple modes, set it to the beginner mode. Make sure that the lights are facing forward before stepping on to it. Place your right foot on the hoverboard (or left if that’s the one that is dominant in your case) and make sure it’s as far from the center as possible. Keep the foot as close to the wheel as possible for better balance.

Place your second foot on the hoverboard

Now carefully place the other foot on the hoverboard and stand straight. Once booth your feet are on the hoverboard, it will balance you automatically but if you are still feeling a little nervous the first time you are using it, you can hold a nearby wall for some extra support and confidence.

Moving in a straight direction:

Now that you are standing on the hoverboard, let’s start riding already! Moving in a straight path on your hoverboard is a simple thing to do and you will get the hang of it in just a couple of tries. You simply have to lean in the direction that you want to move in. For instance, if you want to move forward, lean a little forward applying some pressure on the front part of the hoverboard using both your feet and you’ll start to move forward. However, the amount of pressure you apply or the extent to which you lean translates into the speed of your hoverboard so be careful not to lean too much during the initial stages of learning to keep the speed manageable for yourself. Too great a speed for beginners can cause you to lose balance and even experience a fall.

How to Turn Using a Hoverboard:

How to Turn Using a HoverboardNow that you have mastered riding in a straight line, there are some exciting new experiences waiting for you. Let’s learn how to turn on the hoverboard! Turning on a hoverboard is just as simple as moving in a straight direction after you have practiced it a couple of times. Since each wheel is independent, you would want to rotate the right wheel while keeping the left one stationary in order to turn left. To rotate the right wheel only, you need to press your right foot forward while keeping the other foot still until the left turn has been achieved. Similarly you’ll push your left foot forward while keeping the other foot stationary so that only the right wheels rotate to make a right turn. During the learning stages, it is recommended that you take turns slowly and carefully by applying a controlled pressure on the hoverboard with your feet to prevent yourself from falling. Once you are confident that you can do it right, you can try faster turns.

Spinning on the hoverboard:

Hoverboard SpinningAfter you have mastered the turns, there is something very exciting that you can try next. Spinning on the hoverboard is something you would love to learn and show-off to your friends once you have mastered this skill too. Although it might not seem like a simple thing to do, once you have perfected your turns, it’s not that hard either. A step further to making a turn in which you only use one foot, to spin on the hoverboard you will need to press one foot forward and the other foot backward so that the wheels rotate in opposite directions. To make a left circular spin, you have to apply the pressure forward using your right foot and backward using your left foot while for spinning right apply forward pressure using your left foot and backward pressure using your right foot. That’s sounds simple, doesn’t it?

Stepping Off the Hoverboard:

Stepping Off the HoverboardStepping off your hoverboard is similar to the procedure for stepping on to it but you’ll have to follow the steps in reverse order. Simply shift your weight to the foot that’s dominant in your case and place the other foot carefully on the ground. Now place your dominant foot on the ground and you are off the hoverboard. To prevent yourself from falling, avoid applying any forward pressure on the hoverboard while dismounting so that the device is not pushed forward by accident.

Tips for a Safe Ride on your Hroverboard

Tips for a Safe Ride on your Hroverboard

Riding a hoverboard can be a very exciting thing to do but even a little carelessness can result in casualties. Since you want a safe ride for yourself and your kids, familiarize yourself with all the safety measures regarding a hoverboard. Make sure that you follow them too, every time you step on it. Here are a few tips you can follow and see to it that your kids are following them too if they are using a hoverboard:

* Read the instruction manual of the hoverboard carefully before starting to use it.* Check with your local police department if there are any rules and regulations regarding the use of hoverboards in your region.* Wear all the necessary safety gear so that you are safe from any fractures or sprains even if you do experience a fall. A helmet, knee pads, wrist guards and elbow pads are adequate to protect you from any injury in case you fall off the hoverboard.* Speed thrills but it’s wise to start slow with your hoverboard in the initial learning stages. If your hoverboard has multiple modes, use learning mode the first few times that you use it until you are completely convinced about your skills.* Practice every movement as many times as possible until you have mastered it completely before trying out a new movement.* Check the weight limitations on your hoverboard. They will specify a minimum and maximum weight that they can hold. Make sure that your weight lies within this weight limit before deciding to purchase the hoverboard. Sometimes younger kids might have difficulty balancing on the hoverboard because they are underweight.

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So after reading this hoverboard buyer’s guide, finding the perfect hoverboard which completely fulfills your requirements and budget, shouldn’t be so hard. You have to set out your requirements, know your purpose for buying a hoverboard in the first place and define a budget that you will stick to before heading out to buy one.

You will also find in our guide, some of the excellent hoverboards with their honest reviews to help you pick out something you will love using for many years. Once you pick the best hoverboard at a store or order one online you are all set for an amazing adventure ahead. Practice loads and watch Youtube videos to master this skill and impress your friends and family. Please comment and tell us about all the wonderful adventures you have on your hoverboard every day.