5 Best Hover Shoes Reviews 2021

If hoverboards are an old trend to you and you are in the mood for something new and exciting, you need a pair of hover shoes. Yes you read that right: it’s a very recent invention and not many people know about these new gadgets but real hover shoes really do exist in the market and can be ordered online. Since hoverboards were gaining such popularity among kids and adults alike, the technology is continuously evolving since so many manufacturers around the globe have been focusing on it. It is the result of these developments in the design of hoverboards which led to the production of hover shoes which the world may now benefit from.

These next-generation gadgets by the name of hover shoes have a lot to offer. Hover shoes offer more excitement, more enjoyment, enhanced battery life and better affordability as compared to hoverboards. You are at the right location to learn more about these cool, new gadgets before purchasing them. Also read some hover shoes reviews on the same page before selecting something to buy.

Best Hover Shoes in Summary




Segway Drift W1 Electric Hovershoes

Max Speed (mph): 12
Battery Life (min)45
Weight Limit: 220 pound

Koowheel Electric Hover Shoes

Max Speed (mph): 10
Battery Life (hour)2
Bluetooth: Yes

InMotion Hover shoes

Max Speed (mph): 10
Battery Life (hour)2
Bluetooth: Yes

Tomoloo Music Rhymed Hover Shoes

Max Speed (mph): 10
Battery Life (hour)2
Bluetooth: Yes

Bluefin Self Balancing Hover Shoes

Max Speed (mph): 10
Battery Life (hour)2
Bluetooth: Yes

Hover Shoes Reviews

Segway Drift W1 Electric HovershoesThese are the latest hover shoes by Segway Drift which utilize self balancing technology in roller skates to make a cool, fun ride for everyone. They will offer you the same quality standards in these hover shoes as they do in all the rest of the products they are renowned for. They are not exactly shoes but bases for each of your shoe which means you can use them with your regular pair of sneakers.

The black and white, triangular design is simple yet futuristic. The design is also ergonomic to securely settle at the base of your shoes for you to enjoy a comfortable ride. The ambient lights can be switched between 3 different modes depending on what looks cooler in the moment. Besides the aesthetics, the manufacturer has paid careful attention to safety as well. Rubber bumpers installed at the front and back protect the hover shoes from damage upon contact with the ground. What also protects the product is the water proofing included around the mainframe and the batteries to let you ride safely even in the rain.

Also, the motor is exceptionally powerful to overcome resistance and make steering easier. As for the transportation, it couldn’t be simpler since the product offers elastic bands for carrying and weighs only 8 pounds.


With the short wheels on these hover shoes, they are not the most suitable vehicle to ride on rough terrains. Also customers suggest that it could do better with some app support to adjust the sensitivity and other things.

Koowheel Electric Hover ShoesLaunched in 2018, these hover shoes represent the future of the self balancing technology. Besides being the latest and coolest brainchild of hover-gadgets, it meets all safety standards and has been UL2272 certified for your reassurance. With simple movements of your feet, you can steer the hover shoes forwards, backwards or sideways.

The device is simple to learn, safe and lots of fun to ride. Even the transportation is made simpler with the lightweight hover shoes weighing only 3.3 kg per shoe. With a 250 watts motor housed inside each unit and a pair of 3.5” wheels at the base of each shoe, it offers a better riding experience than many self-balancing vehicles of comparable price.

The foot pads can together support a rider weight between 22 lbs to 286 lbs while the reliable batteries take about 2 hours to charge completely and can cover a distance of 10 km on a single charge. The gadget comes waterproofed with IP65 technology to offer a safe and reliable ride in all weather conditions. You additionally get a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty to cover the parts and labor.


You will need to choose a smooth terrain to ride your new Koowheel skates as was the case with the first one on our list. Riding with it on rough terrains such as paved stones is not safe for you or the product. It is not much fun either. 

InMotion Hover shoesSlightly more expensive than the first two on our list, these are undoubtedly a great option if you are looking for some unique self-balancing experience. These new hover shoes are designed by InMotion for some exclusive experience. Each of the shoes will weigh 6 lbs which makes them easy to transport.

These are the next generation electronic skates which make you look trendy among your friends besides being incredibly fun to ride. The batteries will take 1.5 hours to charge completely and can cover a distance of 7 miles with a single charge. The IP65 waterproofing will ensure product safety even if you accidentally ride through puddles.

The 3.5 inch wheels which are rotated by 250 watts motor on each side provide a smooth ride both indoors and outdoors. In the package you get besides the hover shoes, a charger to charge the batteries and a complete 1 year warranty to cover any damages. The friendly customer service staff responds promptly and makes sure you enjoy the same enjoyable experience for a long time.

Tomoloo Music Rhymed Hover ShoesWant to enjoy a wonderful experience with these new electric roller skates from MixMart. They are cheaper than most on this list and yet incredibly enjoyable and durable. Simple to learn and experiment new tricks with, these hover shoes are suitable for all ages above 8. In addition, they are small, lightweight and very easy to transport. Two handles on each piece of 3.3 kg will allow you to carry it in your hand when riding them isn’t feasible.

Besides, the product is safe from all sorts of fire hazards which are often associated with these self-balancing products and they are FE and CE approved to prove the level of protection. These hover shoes are also UL2272 certified for even further assurance. Strong, 250 watts motors power the wheels on each side can support weight from 22lbs to 220 lbs and a full charge takes 3 hours to complete can carry you a maximum distance of 10 km.

Besides the technical excellence, the hover shoes are also designed to make you look cool with LED lights to literally make you stand out in a crowd, especially in the dark. Furthermore, a 1 year warranty will cover the parts as well as the labor for your satisfaction. In the package you get besides the cool new hover shoes, a power charger for charging the batteries and also a user manual with clear instructions on how to ride it.

Bluefin Self Balancing Hover ShoesThis is another pair of electric roller skates of hover shoes by Bluefin which use an innovative self balancing gravity technology. With this technology, the hover shoes will balance themselves on their own with just a little pressure from your feet. These latest hover shoes let you move in the forward or backward direction, spin and perform some amazing stunts to dazzle your friends.

In the package you also get a connection bar which connects the two pieces and turns it into a hoverboard. With this feature, you have the option of riding it as cool, new hover shoes or the conventional hoverboard. The LED lights at the base of the shoes are not just for coolness but also indicate different information such as green light means you can start moving, amber means the device has low charge and red is for stop. Blue is the default color of these led lights.

A single charge can take you up to 10 km with a maximum speed of 12 km/h. The carry straps on both the pieces let you carry the lightweight hover shoes easily while the 3.5 inch wheels which are equipped with rubber tread make the ride a smooth one. There is also a carry bag available for the hover shoes to make transportation even easier. Whether you are a professional or a beginner, you will love the range of movements, the smooth ride and your cool new look with these perfect hover shoes.