10 Best Hoverboard Charger Reviews – Buyer’s Guide 2019

So you have bought a brand new hoverboard and are ready to roll? Before you ready to start using it, you may have some questions in mind regarding hoverboard chargers. It’s best to clear all these questions before you actually start using it. Hoverboard chargers are very important in deciding the battery times of the hoverboard, life of the hoverboard and many more things.

In fact, your hoverboard will be no good if you don’t have a great hoverboard charger. This is because the batteries will run out soon and there is no other means to get the hoverboard going again besides using a hoverboard charger.

Read on and in a few minutes you will have all your questions regarding hoverboard chargers answered so that you can begin using your hoverboard to its fullest potential. You will also find out what makes the best hoverboard charger and some of the best ones on the market. Yes, we have, in the same guide, also offered hoverboard charger reviews to help you make the best choice.

Best Hoverboard Chargers in Summary




BestHot PowerFast Battery Charger

BestHot Battery Charger

Max Speed (mph):12Battery Life (hour): 3Bluetooth:Yes

Razor Hoverboard Battery Charger

Razor Battery Charger

Max Speed (mph): 6Battery Life (hour)2Bluetooth: Yes

Evaplus Hoverboard Battery Charger

Evaplus Battery Charger

Max Speed (mph): 10Battery Life (hour)2Bluetooth: Yes

Fancy Buying Electric Battery Charger

FancyBuying Battery Charger

Max Speed (mph): 10Battery Life (hour)2Bluetooth: Yes

Suposun Hoverboard Battery Charger

Suposun Battery Charger

Max Speed (mph): 10Battery Life (hour)2Bluetooth: Yes

Wyness Hoverboard Battery Charger

Wyness Battery Charger

Max Speed (mph): 10Battery Life (hour)2Bluetooth: Yes

Tangsfire Hoverboard Battery Charger

Tangsfire Battery Charger

Max Speed (mph): 10Battery Life (hour)2Bluetooth: Yes

Razor Electric Scooter Battery Charger

Razor Battery Charger

Max Speed (mph): 10Battery Life (hour)2Bluetooth: Yes

Wyness Electric Scooter Battery Charger

Wyness Battery Charger

Max Speed (mph): 10Battery Life (hour)2Bluetooth: Yes

LotFancy Hoverboard Battery Charger

LotFancy Battery Charger

Max Speed (mph): 10Battery Life (hour)2Bluetooth: Yes

How to choose the right hoverboard charger?

When choosing a hoverboard charger, price is the last thing that you should consider. Buying a cheap, low quality hoverboard charger is going to cost you a lot more since it is going to die down pretty soon and you’ll be off shopping again. However, the most expensive of the hoverboard chargers in the market does not necessarily mean it’s the best one. There are certain other factors, besides the price, which you need to look out for when buying a hoverboard charger.


When you purchase a hoverboard charger, make sure you check the power ratings mentioned in the specifications as well as those for the voltage and current. These ratings will determine how much power and voltage that hoverboard charger is capable of delivering to the hoverboard that you are going to connect to it. The power rating of the hoverboard charger which you select for purchase should accurately match with the power rating on the batteries of your hoverboard. In case you purchase a hoverboard charger whose rating does not match with that of the hoverboard in question, the charging times for the hoverboard will suffer. You will need to wait a lot longer for your hoverboard to charge than you normally would.


It is best to buy a genuine hoverboard charger from a reputable manufacturer. Check if the hoverboard charger which you choose to purchase complies with all of the international standards. A hoverboard charger that is certified for all the required international standards will definitely function much better than other hoverboard chargers that are present in the market. Also since most of the hoverboard-related accidents in the past have been associated with the charging of its batteries, buying a certified hoverboard charger will ensure the safety of the hoverboard, the hoverboard charger and also the user. A slightly higher cost that you were reluctant to pay initially will soon pay off with your safety and that of your equipment.

Warranty and Support:

Of course, when you are paying good money to buy a quality hoverboard charger, you need to make sure that it comes with a reliable warranty and the company offers good customer support in case of a problem. You can read customer reviews for the hoverboard charger that you are planning to buy to see if the company responds well to the problems.

Hoverboard Charger Reviews

#1. BestHot PowerFast Battery Charger

BestHot PowerFast Battery ChargerStanding first on our list is this hoverboard charger by BestHot. Not only is it inexpensive, but also among the safest and the most efficient in the market with an input of 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz at a1.5A current and the output is 42V at 2A. The hoverboard charger is capable of delivering over 84 watts of maximum power output. With its 3-prong inline, it will connect to most models of hoverboards with ease and charge them at an optimal speed while the longer cable length of 100cm allows you to place the hoverboard at a convenient location while it charges. Furthermore, the charger features led indications so that you may know by looking at it if the hoverboard is charging (red light) or fully charged (green light). It will, additionally, feature built-in protection functions to protect the charger itself and the hoverboard against overloads and short circuits.


BestHot is not compatible with all of the hoverboard models which are available in the market and if you use it to charge a model it is not designed for, you may have to wait a very long time for the hoverboard to be fully charged.

#2. Razor Hoverboard Battery Charger

Razor Hoverboard Battery ChargerAmong the best selling models for hoverboard chargers is this one by Razor. The reason for its popularity among hoverboard fans is not only its compatibility with a range of Razor hoverboard models in the market, including e200, e200S, PR200 and many others. Rather, it is also popular because of its safe usage proven by UL certification and a preferable charging time of 8 hours. The product takes in an AC input of 100-120V, 50/60Hz at 1.2A and delivers an output of 24V at 1500mA to charge the hoverboard batteries. you will also find convenient led indications in the design to keep you informed of the status of the hoverboard batteries while they are connected to the charger. You can use it for charging other hoverboard models too besides those manufactured by Razor, but make sure they use lead acid batteries and not lithium-ion batteries. unlike the first one on our list, this hoverboard charger is also backed by a company warranty of 1 year.


It may take a considerable amount of time to charge hoverboard models which are not compatible with it. Also, the charger may short circuit if it receives a higher voltage as its input.

#3. Evaplus Hoverboard Battery Charger

Evaplus Hoverboard Battery ChargerComparable in price to the first one on our list, this is an excellent hoverboard charger which takes an AC input of 100-240V,50/60Hz at 1.5A and delivers an output of 42V at 2000mA to charge your hoverboard. Enjoy faster charging with this hoverboard charger which comes with 3-prong inline to connect safely to most hoverboard models including those with lithium-ion batteries. What makes it one of the safest charging options in the market is the fact it comes fully equipped with short circuit and overload protection, however, you must avoid overcharging your hoverboard. The charger features led indicators to help prevent overcharging by showing a green light when the hoverboard is completely charged. This green light is the signal for you to disconnect the hoverboard and unplug the charger.


The charger should be kept plugged in longer than it is supposed to since it starts to overheat after it has been charging for a long while. Also, the device does not come with a valid warranty and the 100% money back guarantee that the company claims to offer is, unfortunately, not available to all.

#4. FancyBuying Electric Battery Charger

Fancy Buying Electric Battery ChargerAnother inexpensive hoverboard charger which will fit most hoverboard models available in the market including those by Swagtron is this one by ProMaxi. It uses an AC input of 100-240V, 50/60Hz at 1.6A and produces a DC output of 42V, 2A which is fed into the hoverboard batteries through a 3-prong connector line. It ensures a uniform DC output with minimal shift in voltage for safer charging of your hoverboard. Built for faster performance, the charger will only take around 2 to 4 hours to charge your hoverboard completely and is equipped with multiple protection features to allow a safer charging experience. It includes overload protection, short circuit protection, overvoltage protection and also an additional battery polarity error protection to ensure that the charger and your hoverboard is safe all the while that it is charging. Additionally, it will also feature an LED indicator to tell whether your hoverboard is charging or is fully charged.


The charger tends to overheat if left plugged in for a long time which is why you must not overcharge your hoverboard with it. also, the indicator lights are not very durable and may stop functioning completely after just a couple of months of regular usage.

5. Suposun Hoverboard Battery Charger

Suposun Hoverboard Battery ChargerIf you are looking for a cheap hoverboard charger, this is among the most inexpensive that you will find available in the market which comes with the usual 3-prong inline to charge your hoverboard with. It will require an AC input of 100-240V,50/60Hz at a current of1.5A and produce a stable DC output of 42V at 2A current and a maximum power of 84 watts. Along with a suitably long connector cable of 100 cm, the charger features an LED indicator which switches to green upon charging the hoverboard completely. Despite the substantially lower price tag, the charger features all the necessary safety features including short circuit protection, overload protection and overvoltage protection. Another one of its attractive features is the lighter weight of just 8.4 ounces which makes it exceptionally simple to carry it along with your hoverboard when you are off for an adventure.


The body of the charger isn’t very durable and may melt if the charger gets overheated after charging for multiple hours. Additionally, there is no valid warranty provided by the company that the customer may rely on in case of any damage.

6. Wyness Hoverboard Battery Charger

Wyness Hoverboard Battery ChargerIn just under $10 you receive this fully capable hoverboard charger for faster and safer charging of your hoverboard. Built on a 4 protection design, the device will protect itself as well as your hoverboard against battery polarity error, short circuit, overvoltage and overload. The charger uses an AC input of 100-240V,50/60Hz,1.5A and delivers a DC output of 42V and 2000mA to charge your hoverboard. The DC output along with the 3-prong connector line is optimal for charging most of the 42V hoverboards. The charger can easily handle a ±10% deviation in the AC input without posing any damage to itself or the hoverboard and can safely function under a temperature of 40ᵒC. Additionally, it features an LED light which is red when the hoverboard is charging and will turn green to indicate a full charge. The charger can function optimally for as long as a year which is quite substantial considering the low price tag it is available with.


It is not compatible with every hoverboard model so you will need to be careful which hoverboard you are using before you make a selection for its charger. Also, the charger does not come with a return policy or a warranty from the manufacturer so you must use it with care, preventing it from overcharging at the very least.

7. Tangsfire Hoverboard Battery Charger

Tangsfire Hoverboard Battery ChargerAlthough a bit more expensive than most of the other ones on this list, it delivers an optimal charging performance with an AC input of 100-240 V and a DC output at 42V, 2A. It can safely charge most lithium-ion batteries of hoverboards with a multi-fold protection system to protect the device and the hoverboard against all issues relating to overload, overvoltage and short circuit. Most of the 42 V hoverboards will experience a faster charging with this superior charger equipped with the standard 3-prong connector line and a cable length of 100 cm. Furthermore, the lightweight charger of only 10.9 ounces is simple to transport along with the hoverboard and features an LED indicator to keep the user informed of the status of the batteries. Green light on the indicator indicates that the hoverboard is completely charged and ready to be unplugged while the red light indicates that it is still charging and you will have to wait a little while longer.


Despite coming at a higher price tag than most of the other ones, the product does not include a valid warranty that the user may benefit from in case of any damage. Also, it may overheat if left charging unattended for a longer time than specified.

8. Razor Electric Scooter Battery Charger

Razor Electric Scooter Battery ChargerThis is another hoverboard charger by Razor which is different from the one, by the same company, appearing 2nd on this list since it is designed for older models of Razor hoverboards. While the Razor charger discussed earlier is compatible with most of the newer models of Razor hoverboards, this one is compatible with models e100, e125 and e2150 of Razor hoverboards. The charger weighs only around 5 ounces which makes it exceptionally simple to carry with your hoverboard and charges efficiently taking only about 8 hours to charge your hoverboard completely. Besides the unusually long 6 feet connector cable of the charger, what also makes it a preferred option among hoverboard users is the U certification that it comes with to guarantee safe usage of the charger. The charger comes with the standard 3-prong connector and is compatible with most hoverboards that use lead-acid batteries. there is also a convenient indicator light to display the status of the batteries at all times and notify you, with a green light, when it’s ready to be unplugged.


This hoverboard charger will be incompatible with all those hoverboards which use lithium-ion batteries so you need to carefully consider the model of hoverboard that you are using before you can decide if this charger is suitable for charging it.

9. Wyness Electric Scooter Battery Charger

Wyness Electric Scooter Battery ChargerHere is another hoverboard battery charger by Wyness which is designed especially for compatibility with Swagtron X1, T1, T3 and T6 models of hoverboards. It uses a 100-240V, 50/60Hz AC output and delivers a stable DC output of 42V at a current of 2A. Besides, it will also protect your hoverboard against all dangers in case of an overload current, overvoltage and short circuits which makes it quite an investment. Additionally, it will also protect your equipment against any issues resulting from an error in battery polarity. With the standard 3-prong in-line, it will take just about 2 to 4 hours to charge the hoverboard fully and is built on an intelligent energy conservation design which delivers maximum efficiency using minimum power from the input to save energy. The charger guarantees a faster charging of your hoverboard and comes with an LED indicator light to notify you when it is done charging.


The company does not offer any solid warranty for the product which suggests that it may not be quite durable. Of course, at such a small price, one cannot expect the product to last more than a year.

10. LotFancy Hoverboard Battery Charger

LotFancy Hoverboard Battery ChargerIf you are looking for a reliable, UL certified hoverboard charger here is one of the best selections for you. It will require an AC input of 100 – 120V, 50/60Hz and deliver a DC output of 24V at 1.5A. Since the product is UL listed, there shouldn’t be any fear regarding damage to your equipment since it has all the safety features including short circuit and overvoltage protection. It has a 3-pin XLR connector with a 6 feet long cable. Indicator lights are also present with the charger to keep you informed of the charging status and tell you when it is time to unplug. Additionally, it is one of the very few hoverboard chargers which actually come with a valid warranty of 1 complete year and a further money-back satisfaction guarantee.


Although it is a reliable and very durable hoverboard charger which works just like an original, it may have some compatibility issues with some hoverboard models since it has a different style of connector pin.

How to Charge your Hoverboard

Charging a hoverboard may seem like the simplest task to perform, however there might be minor details which you may not be paying attention to. This is exactly why we thought it best to include a couple of important tips which you may practice each time you plug in your hoverboard for charge. Here is what you do:

* The most important part when charging your hoverboard is to get the right hoverboard charger. Make sure that the hoverboard charger which you have with you features the exact voltage and power output which your hoverboard requires.Once you have made sure that you have the right hoverboard charger, you can plug it in a suitable power socket. You will find an indicator light on the hoverboard charger. This led should turn green when you connect it to the power socket and turn on the switch.Now you will need to connect the hoverboard charger to your hoverboard. Find the correct charger port on the body of your hoverboard. This is where you will plug in the hoverboard charger. Now the color of the led on the hoverboard charger should turn to red since the hoverboard that is connected to it is low on charge.Now leave it for a while until the hoverboard is fully charged. Once the hoverboard is completely charged, the led on the hoverboard charger will turn green which indicates a full charge. Now you should first turn the switch of the power socket off and remove the hoverboard charger from the socket. Now disconnect the hoverboard from the hoverboard charger.

That’s all that needs to be done as far as charging your hoverboard is concerned. Once it has been fully charged using your hoverboard charger, your ride is ready for some action!

How long does it take to Charge a hoverboard?

Hoverboard battery full chargeThat’s a big question especially if you have just bought a new hoverboard and cannot stand to leave it alone even for a little while. Well, the answer to the question varies with the size, quality, and model of the hoverboard which you pick out for yourself.

Normally, you will find the charging times mentioned with the specifications of the hoverboard. The Swegway, for example, takes around 3 hours to charge completely. You will need to leave this particular hoverboard plugged in to the hoverboard charger for at least 2 to 3 hours if you want it to charge completely. Most brands and models of hoverboards will take more or less the same time to charge completely.

Of course the change of color of the led that is present on the hoverboard charger will indicate when it is time to unplug your hoverboard. As already pointed out, the color of this led should change from red to green before you can unplug the hoverboard charger and start using your ride again.

Avoid Overcharging

avoid overchargingAs it is recommended for Smartphones and all other electronic devices that you use on a regular basis, you should not overcharge your hoverboard. Leaving it plugged in with the hoverboard charger overnight is a common mistake which most users make out of negligence. If you own a hoverboard and want it alive and well for a long time, be smart enough to avoid such a mistake. Leaving the hoverboard charger plugged in longer than it should be can seriously damage the battery life of the hoverboard. It can also affect the durability of the hoverboard charger and of course not in a positive way!Overcharging on a regular basis will weaken the batteries of the hoverboard and you will soon notice that the batteries will run for a smaller duration that they initially used to when you first bought the hoverboard. When this happens, your hoverboard will be spending more time being plugged in to be charged rather than being ridden like it was supposed to. Our motive isn’t to scare you; it is only to equip you with the knowledge that helps you enjoy your hoverboard to the fullest and keeps your hoverboard charger functioning to its utmost for a longer time.

How long does a full charge last?

Again, you need to take a look at the specifications of your self balance scooter to get the exact answer to how long you will be able to ride your hoverboard before you need to charge it again. However, for a good quality hoverboard with batteries which are still functioning at their very best, it should take at least around 6 hours before the batteries require a recharge. If however, you have a low quality hoverboard or the batteries have become weak for some reason such as frequent overcharging, they can even last around 2 hours before they require a recharge.

When do you need to plug in the hoverboard charger?

hoverboard battery dyingSo how can I tell if my hoverboard needs to be charged? After you have been riding your hoverboard for a while, the batteries will start to lose their charge and soon your hoverboard will come to a halt. So there must be an indication which tells you that your ride is about to come to a halt so that you know when to head back home and plug it in with the hoverboard charger. Normally all hoverboards will come with a battery light to indicate you when to plug it in the hoverboard charger. When you see this battery light flash, head back home and connect the hoverboard charger and wait for it to charge before you can start using it again.


Although the hoverboard chargers that you will find on this website are the best ones that comply with all the safety and quality standards, it doesn’t hurt to be a little extra careful especially when handling electrical equipment. Since you’ve read the guide, you already know how to safely use a hoverboard charger to ensure the life of your device and your own well-being.