6 Best Hoverboard Charger Reviews – Buyer’s Guide

Just like any other electrical device, hoverboards require electricity to function. Every hoverboard comes with a charger, but often times these chargers stop working after some years. If the same case happened to you, you should be looking for the best hoverboard charger in the market.

The market has universal charges for your hoverboard that are way better than random chargers because these universal charges have the LED indicators that turn red while charging and green when the hoverboard has charged.

But I will suggest you go for the specific brand’s charger of which your hoverboard is. But if you do not find any, then choose the universal chargers. These chargers are for the 6 to 10 inches size hoverboard, and the input is 100V to 240V, whereas the output is 29.5V, 2A.

Some chargers operate on DC voltage, but some are convenient and operate directly on the AC source. The chargers are durable because they contain a lithium-ion battery and these chargers are also safer for short-circuit as all the listed chargers are UL-certified.

Best Hoverboard Chargers in Summary

Mouow Power Adapter

1. Mouow Power Adapter - Best Hoverboard Charger 2021

Output Voltage: 42 Volts | Input Voltage: 240 Volts | Current Rating: 1.5 Amps
DC Connecter size: 3 prong Inline
Cable Length:39.4 In / 100 CM, One Indication Light Green(full) ,Red(charging).
Input: 100-240VAC,50/60Hz,1.5A,Output: 42V 2A Power Max: 84W
Overload ,Short circuit, Overvoltage Protection function

EWUNAX Power Adapter

2. Ewunax Power Adapter - Most Powerful Hoverboard Charger

Output Voltage: 42 Volts | Input Voltage: 240 Volts | Current Rating: 1.5 Amps
Input: 100-240VAC,50/60Hz,1.5A Output : 42V 2000mA.
Plug is diameter about 8mm(0.31inch).
Red light is charging, Green light is full.

Suposun Power Adapter

3. Suposun Power Adapter - Most Versatile Hoverboard Charger

Output Voltage: 42 Volts | Input Voltage: 1.5A | Current Rating: 1.5 Amps
Input: 100-240VAC,50/60Hz,1.5A,Output: 42V 2A Power Max: 84W
DC Connecter size: 3 prong Inline
Cable Length:39.4 In / 100 CM, One Indication Light: Green(full),Red(charging).
Overload ,Short circuit, Overvoltage Protection function

Street Saw Power Adapter

4. Street Saw Power Adapter - Hoverboard Charger for Sale

Charges at 1.7 amps

Adaptive wide input voltage range (100-240Vac, 50/60HZ)
The dual-color status LED light

High efficiency and low power consumption

HaloBoard UL Certified Hoverboard Fast Charger

5. HaloBoard UL Certified Hoverboard Fast Charger

No Details Available

Hoverboard Charger by Swagtron

6. Hoverboard Charger by Swagtron

Requires 100-240V Input | 42V Output 2A.

How to Choose the Right Hoverboard Charger?

When choosing a hoverboard charger, price is the last thing that you should consider. Buying a cheap, low quality hoverboard charger is going to cost you a lot more since it is going to die down pretty soon and you’ll be off shopping again. However, the most expensive of the hoverboard chargers in the market does not necessarily mean it’s the best one. There are certain other factors, besides the price, which you need to look out for when buying a hoverboard charger.


When you purchase a hoverboard charger, make sure you check the power ratings mentioned in the specifications as well as those for the voltage and current. These ratings will determine how much power and voltage that hoverboard charger is capable of delivering to the hoverboard that you are going to connect to it. The power rating of the hoverboard charger which you select for purchase should accurately match with the power rating on the batteries of your hoverboard. In case you purchase a hoverboard charger whose rating does not match with that of the hoverboard in question, the charging times for the hoverboard will suffer. You will need to wait a lot longer for your hoverboard to charge than you normally would.


It is best to buy a genuine hoverboard charger from a reputable manufacturer. Check if the hoverboard charger which you choose to purchase complies with all of the international standards. A hoverboard charger that is certified for all the required international standards will definitely function much better than other hoverboard chargers that are present in the market. Also since most of the hoverboard-related accidents in the past have been associated with the charging of its batteries, buying a certified hoverboard charger will ensure the safety of the hoverboard, the hoverboard charger and also the user. A slightly higher cost that you were reluctant to pay initially will soon pay off with your safety and that of your equipment.

Warranty and Support:

Of course, when you are paying good money to buy a quality hoverboard charger, you need to make sure that it comes with a reliable warranty and the company offers good customer support in case of a problem. You can read customer reviews for the hoverboard charger that you are planning to buy to see if the company responds well to the problems.

Hoverboard Charger Reviews

#1. Mouow Power Adapter - Best Hoverboard Charger 2021

Mouow Power AdapterThe Mouow adapter for hoverboards comes with a three-prong power-fast inline connector and is a lithium battery charger for the 36V Pocket Mod, Dirt Quad, and Sports Mod. The product is a UL 42V 2A power adapter and can stretch out as a 39.4 inch (or a 100 centimeter-long) cable. Users will find that the charging indicator is a red light where a subsequent green light will signal a full charge. The product is efficient and portable and can be folded up and carried in a hoverboard case. The charger allows fast charging and a long-lasting charge without any connection issues. The Mouow’s power adapter was made with power overloads, short circuits, and over-voltages in mind; however, the model can have faulty functioning if paired with the wrong cable, power source, or hoverboard. The charger reportedly has had problems with overcharging, burning, and short-circuiting if not applied to the right hoverboard or the right adapter. For instance, an incorrect power source can lead to the charger charging for too long. To avoid these issues, users will have to be careful and check for model and adapter compatibility and check the adapter’s compatibility with the voltage rates of a power connection.

2. Ewunax Power Adapter - Most Powerful Hoverboard Charger

EWUNAX Power AdapterThe EWUNAX charger is a Sports Mod Pocket Mod and Dirt Quad power adapter that can charge hoverboards quickly and fully. The charger comes with a three-prong inline connector and is a 42V 2A battery charger with an input capacity of 240 volts and an output voltage of 42 volts in total. It has been rated by the manufacturer as a charger with 1.5 Amps. As with most hoverboard chargers, the charger indicates charging and power usage through lights with red lights indicating a charging mode and green lights indicating a full charge for the hoverboard. It is highly recommended that potential buyers check compatibility factors and charger specifications before buying the charger. For instance, it is important to note the plug has a diameter of 8mm or 0.31 inches and will not fit a hoverboard or outlet that does not fit these specific size dimensions. The charger is also incompatible with certain hoverboard models, especially Razor models. EWUNAX chargers are popular as replacement chargers, especially at the relatively lower price points; however, they might have a few kinks. Some users might find the chargers fit their specific hoverboards but that they do not charge at all or do not charge efficiently.

3. Suposun Power Adapter - Most Versatile Hoverboard Charger

Suposun Power AdapterIf you are looking for a cheap hoverboard charger, this is among the most inexpensive that you will find available in the market which comes with the usual 3-prong inline to charge your hoverboard with. It will require an AC input of 100-240V,50/60Hz at a current of1.5A and produce a stable DC output of 42V at 2A current and a maximum power of 84 watts. Along with a suitably long connector cable of 100 cm, the charger features an LED indicator which switches to green upon charging the hoverboard completely. Despite the substantially lower price tag, the charger features all the necessary safety features including short circuit protection, overload protection and overvoltage protection. Another one of its attractive features is the lighter weight of just 8.4 ounces which makes it exceptionally simple to carry it along with your hoverboard when you are off for an adventure.

4. Street Saw Power Adapter - Hoverboard Charger for Sale

Street Saw Power AdapterThe StreetSaw hoverboard charger is a compact product with a one-year warranty and an adaptive input voltage capacity of 100-240Vac. The charger is energy efficient with red and green/blue LED lights for charging and full charge modes. The hoverboard charges at 1.7 amps, 0.2 amps higher than the average charger model. The charger’s casing is water-proof and has multiple safety and quality certifications, including a UL certification. The charger’s design makes it safe from overvoltage, short circuits, reverse polarity connections, and overflows of currents. Streetsaw has also excluded a fan for the charger to avoid short circuit risks. A major pro of the hoverboard charger is its universal functionality for hoverboards that need 36v charger models. It can work as a replacement for charger models like the KingJT, Model 36-L04, and Model 420020. Streetsaw has included a more extensive list in its product specifications. The charger is also a good fit for 36v e-bikes like the Hover-1 Folding e-Bike. Since the product is a universal adapter, it is a good fit for power sockets of most regions and countries in Asia, Europe, Australia, and the Americas. Streetsaw provides adapter options compatible with Type A, Type C, Type G, and Type I outlets.

HaloBoard UL Certified Hoverboard Fast Charger The Halo Power Supply Unit is a Li-ion charger and a UL-certified power supply unit featuring a power adapter, an AC plug, and a three-prong connector cable for hoverboard charging. The power supply unit is only meant for specific hoverboards and would have to be charged using US-style power outlets. Further, the power supply unit is only meant for Halo hoverboards and is sold as an accessory or companion product for specific hoverboard models, specifically the Halo Go 2 and the Halo Rover. The charger will however work with other Halo Rover models as well like the Halo Rover X and the Halo Rover S. Halo sells its power supply unit in a black, simple design but the designs may vary from what is advertised on Halo’s website. The charger is a high-quality product and is guaranteed to be reliable for long stretches of time. Its design includes protection against overcharging and short circuits with an adaptable and efficient power regulating feature. One advantage of ordering from Halo is that they have an interest-free installment payment feature and they provide fast shipping. Their customer support team also facilitates replacements quickly and easily if any power supply unit turns out faulty.

6. Hoverboard Charger by Swagtron 

Hoverboard Charger by SwagtronThe Swagtron Replacement Charger is, as indicated, a charger meant as a power accessory for Swagtron hoverboards. The charger will only be compatible with Swagtron’s own hoverboards like the Swagtron T1, T3, and T6 models as well as the Swagger 5. The charger provides an input voltage range of 100-240 volts and an output voltage range of 42 volts. The charger is often meant as a replacement product if original chargers get damaged, faulty, or broken. The Swagtron charger will, for obvious reasons, only create an efficient and safe charge for Swagtron hoverboards that are not counterfeit. If a user will attempt to use other models, or even some counterfeit Swagtron products, with the Swagtron Replacement Charger, the charger’s overvoltage and short circuit protection features might not work. The charging hoverboards might get damaged and injuries might occur. Another point to note for a potential buyer is that only the specified models are compatible with this particular charger. For instance, the T5 model will not be a good fit for the charger because overvoltage issues can occur. However, if the charger is applied to the right model and the right product range, it can be an efficient and safe replacement option.

How to Charge your Hoverboard

Charging a hoverboard may seem like the simplest task to perform, however there might be minor details which you may not be paying attention to. This is exactly why we thought it best to include a couple of important tips which you may practice each time you plug in your hoverboard for charge. Here is what you do:
* The most important part when charging your hoverboard is to get the right hoverboard charger. Make sure that the hoverboard charger which you have with you features the exact voltage and power output which your hoverboard requires.

* Once you have made sure that you have the right hoverboard charger, you can plug it in a suitable power socket. You will find an indicator light on the hoverboard charger. This led should turn green when you connect it to the power socket and turn on the switch.

* Now you will need to connect the hoverboard charger to your hoverboard. Find the correct charger port on the body of your hoverboard. This is where you will plug in the hoverboard charger. Now the color of the led on the hoverboard charger should turn to red since the hoverboard that is connected to it is low on charge.

* Now leave it for a while until the hoverboard is fully charged. Once the hoverboard is completely charged, the led on the hoverboard charger will turn green which indicates a full charge. Now you should first turn the switch of the power socket off and remove the hoverboard charger from the socket. Now disconnect the hoverboard from the hoverboard charger.

That’s all that needs to be done as far as charging your hoverboard is concerned. Once it has been fully charged using your hoverboard charger, your ride is ready for some action!

How Long does it take to Charge a Hoverboard?

That’s a big question especially if you have just bought a new hoverboard and cannot stand to leave it alone even for a little while. Well, the answer to the question varies with the size, quality, and model of the hoverboard which you pick out for yourself.

Normally, you will find the charging times mentioned with the specifications of the hoverboard. The Segway, for example, takes around 3 hours to charge completely. You will need to leave this particular hoverboard plugged in to the hoverboard charger for at least 2 to 3 hours if you want it to charge completely. Most brands and models of hoverboards will take more or less the same time to charge completely.

Of course the change of color of the led that is present on the hoverboard charger will indicate when it is time to unplug your hoverboard. As already pointed out, the color of this led should change from red to green before you can unplug the hoverboard charger and start using your ride again.

Avoid Hoverboard Overcharging

As it is recommended for Smartphones and all other electronic devices that you use on a regular basis, you should not overcharge your hoverboard. Leaving it plugged in with the hoverboard charger overnight is a common mistake which most users make out of negligence. If you own a hoverboard and want it alive and well for a long time, be smart enough to avoid such a mistake. Leaving the hoverboard charger plugged in longer than it should be can seriously damage the battery life of the hoverboard. It can also affect the durability of the hoverboard charger and of course not in a positive way! Over-charging on a regular basis will weaken the batteries of the hoverboard and you will soon notice that the batteries will run for a smaller duration that they initially used to when you first bought the hoverboard. When this happens, your hoverboard will be spending more time being plugged in to be charged rather than being ridden like it was supposed to. Our motive isn’t to scare you; it is only to equip you with the knowledge that helps you enjoy your hoverboard to the fullest and keeps your hoverboard charger functioning to its utmost for a longer time.

How long does a full charge last?

Again, you need to take a look at the specifications of your self-balance scooter to get the exact answer to how long you will be able to ride your hoverboard before you need to charge it again. However, for a good quality hoverboard with batteries which are still functioning at their very best, it should take at least around 6 hours before the batteries require a recharge. If however, you have a low quality hoverboard or the batteries have become weak for some reason such as frequent overcharging, they can even last around 2 hours before they require a recharge.

When do you need to plug in the hoverboard charger?

Again, you need to take a look at the specifications of your self balance scooter to get the exact answer to how long you will be able to ride your hoverboard before you need to charge it again. However, for a good quality hoverboard with batteries which are still functioning at their very best, it should take at least around 6 hours before the batteries require a recharge. If however, you have a low quality hoverboard or the batteries have become weak for some reason such as frequent overcharging, they can even last around 2 hours before they require a recharge.

Final Thoughts

Although the hoverboard chargers that you will find on this website are the best ones that comply with all the safety and quality standards, it doesn’t hurt to be a little extra careful especially when handling electrical equipment. Since you’ve read the guide, you already know how to safely use a hoverboard charger to ensure the life of your device and your own well-being.