7 Best Hoverboard For Kids 2021

Hoverboards are super trendy among kids and teenagers. After all, they look so cool and are such fun to ride! If you are thinking about getting your child his or her first hoverboard for kid, It shouldn’t have to be just any hoverboard. You should need to have the best hoverboard for kids that offers all the features to guarantee the safety of your kid while riding on the road and will also survive through the rough usage that a kid will put it through.

Overall, hoverboard for kids make the best birthday and Christmas present that would get you in the good books of your troublesome teenagers. Parents would know exactly how difficult that is otherwise. So anyways, if you have made up your mind and would like to get the perfect hoverboard for kids for your son or daughter, our kids hoverboard reviews on this page are the best resource for you.

Best Hoverboards for Kids in Summary




YHR Hoverboard

Max Speed (mph): 12
Battery Life (hour): 3
Bluetooth: Yes

Tomoloo Q2C Self-Balancing Scooter

Max Speed (mph): 6
Battery Life (hour)2
Bluetooth: Yes

Hoverzon S-Series Hoverboard

Max Speed (mph): 10
Battery Life (hour)2
Bluetooth: Yes

OXA(Upgraded) Hoverboard

Max Speed (mph): 10
Battery Life (hour)2
Bluetooth: Yes

Energen Hoverboard

Max Speed (mph): 10
Battery Life (hour)2
Bluetooth: Yes

Cho Hoverboard

Max Speed (mph): 10
Battery Life (hour)2
Bluetooth: Yes

Tomoloo Hoverboard for kid

Max Speed (mph): 10
Battery Life (hour)2
Bluetooth: Yes

Why should you choose Hoverboard for Kids?

Let’s face it; kids of this generation would prefer spending hours with their Smartphone or laptop than to go outside for even a short while to breathe in some fresh air. At the same time, it’s also important to realize that some sort of outdoor activity on a regular basis is absolutely essential for your kid’s health. Solution: with an activity as engaging as riding one of the latest hoverboard for kids, you won’t be forcing your kid to ‘go out and play’. It will in fact be the other way round, but thankfully you’ll know that they’ll return home to recharge their hoverboards.

Hoverboard for kids are designed primarily for kids. All their design aspects will be such that it makes them easier and entertaining to ride for kids. How is that possible? Let’s take a look:

Firstly, they are small which makes them easier to maneuver and easier to carry if they are not riding it.
What also makes them easier to ride unlike the professional hoverboards is the fact that they have a lower speed limit. Most of them will only support speeds under 10 mph which makes them incredibly safe for kids.
Since hoverboard for kids are designed for first timers, they are generally much easier to learn how to ride than a hoverboard that’s designed for adults. Most of them will also feature a learning mode to help you learn the sport in merely minutes. What’s left after that is just perfecting it, learning new tricks and having fun!

Kids Hoverboard Reviews

YHR HoverboardThis is not only among the cheapest hoverboards that you can purchase for yourself or for your kid but also one of the strongest. As compared to the usual 250 watts motors installed in the entry-level hoverboards, this one comes with a dual 300 watts motor. The higher the wattage of the motors translate into more riding power which implies that the hoverboard can climb inclined slopes with over 30 degrees of inclines, cover a maximum range of over 15 km and attain the highest speed of 9.3 mph. All of these specifications are considerably higher than what you get with a basic hoverboard model of comparable or higher price. Additionally, the hoverboard is absolutely safe to ride since it comes with UL2272 certification and meets the highest quality and safety standards.

The charger is included in the package using which you can charge the UL certified batteries of the hoverboard within 1 to 2 hours. Additionally, the hoverboard includes LED lights on the front, top and around the wheels of the vehicle to add more coolness to your ride and also to make it more functional for nighttime riding. There is also a battery indicator next to the non-slip foot pads which help you keep an eye on the battery life while you ride. The product itself weighs only 20 pounds and is designed to accommodate all riders between 25 lbs and 220 lbs. You will also find a convenient carrying bag in the package for safe and simple transportation of the hoverboard when it cannot be ridden.


The only drawback worth noting for this inexpensive model of hoverboard is the absence of Bluetooth speakers. If listening to music is one of your priorities while riding on your hoverboard, you will need to look for a different model.

Tomoloo Q2C Self-Balancing ScooterHere is yet another model from Tomoloo since it is so popular among kids and adults in terms of price as well as performance. Q2C is not just a high performance hoverboard but also among the safest ones on the market since it comes with UL2272 certification, non-slip foot pads and tons of other safety features to help you enjoy a safe experience. Since the hoverboard is especially designed for a safe and fun experience for the kids, the non-slip foot pads ensure that your feet establish a firm footing on the hoverboard platform without slipping and disrupting your control on the board. Over-voltage and over-current protection are also built into the design of the hoverboard to prevent it from any damage. Additionally, the hoverboard is built in compliance with all the high standards and is temperature resistant to prevent any damage to the device from overcharging or other potential dangers. The exterior is waterproof for a safe, fun ride in any kind of weather.

Besides all the safety features and quality construction of the hoverboard, the manufacturers have taken special care to add tons of extras to help the kids enjoy the riding experience to the fullest. For starters, the cool LED lighting is not only to help you steer at nighttime but also to make your ride multiple times more lively. Of course, like any other high-quality hoverboard, you will also find built-in speakers in the design which connect to your phone via Bluetooth and let you enjoy music in supreme sound quality.


Although the hoverboard gives an incredible riding experience, it is only designed for flat surfaces. You won’t find the model suitable for off-road cruising.

Hoverzon S-Series HoverboardHere is an affordable yet high-performance hoverboard which you can present your kid with just to see a big smile on his/her face. The hoverboard features a sleek design and is available in 4 color options to match your taste. Just like every other hoverboard we have reviewed, it is built to the highest safety and quality standards and comes with UL2272 certification to ensure this. Two gyroscopic motors deliver superior self-balancing capabilities to the hoverboard and allow the rider to maintain complete control of the speed and direction throughout the ride.Additionally, the board comes with 2 riding modes so that every rider, whether expert or amateur can enjoy the experience to the fullest. The board also offers LED headlights and built-in battery indicators for the convenience of the rider.

As for its capabilities, the 250 watts motors installed in the unit ensure maximum functionality of the hoverboard. The hoverboard is capable of reaching a speed of 8 mph and can cover a range of 11 miles. The product itself weighs around 27 pounds and can carry riders weighing over 220 lbs. Additional useful features of the hoverboard include non-slip foot pads, strong rubber tires and a battery management system to protect the device against overcharging. Hoverzon also includes a 1 year warranty with the package to help you use the product with complete peace of mind.


Although 8 mph is a good speed for kids, it may not be thrilling for adults or expert riders. Also, it lacks the Bluetooth speakers which are present in most of the latest hoverboards available nowadays.

OXA(Upgraded) HoverboardHere is another safe and enjoyable hoverboard designed especially for kids. The manufacturer of the product claims that the board is simple to learn with and even a 5-year old can start riding it on his own within few seconds. The board offers two specialized riding modes, self balancing and non-self balancing which may be chosen according to your age and experience level. The beginners as well as the kids will find the non-self balancing mode simpler and easier to start with while the self-balancing mode is for the adults to enjoy. Weighing just around 25 pounds, the board is exceptionally lightweight to carry and can support a rider weight lying anywhere in the range of 11 lbs to 330 lbs.

Built on the highest safety protocols, the product is UL2272 certified and allows a safe riding experience for all ages. Equipped with 20 lithium-ion batteries instead of the standard 10 batteries and powerful 400 watts dual motors, the hoverboard is capable of covering a length of 17 km and attaining a speed as high as 12 km/h. Even with the larger number of batteries, the charging time is still kept to a minimum of 2 to 3 hours so that you won’t have to wait too long for your next adventure.

Besides offering exceptional performance on flat ground with its 6.5” wheels, the product is also suitable for bumpy surfaces and inclined slopes with incline angles below 15 degrees. Furthermore, the bright headlights will guide your way in the dark while the waterproof exterior will allow a safe ride through puddles or an unexpected downpour.


Apart from being expensive and out of budget for many customers, OXA hoverboard does not come with Bluetooth speakers. Also, it is available in only a single color option which may not suit many riders.

Energen HoverboardIf you are looking for a sleek, enjoyable hoverboard which complies with all the safety standards without effectively increasing the price tag, here is just the package for you. Although it is a sturdy board with dual 250 watts motor and UL2272 certification, you will find it at a reasonable price. Along with the capable motors, it makes use of an innovative Active Balance Technology to cover distances of over 8 miles and touch a top speed of 7.5 mph. The same technology makes the ride exceptionally simple to maneuver for even an amateur rider since it balances on its own. Besides delivering a good speed on flat ground, it can also efficiently manage inclined slopes with angles of up to 10 degrees. A very useful feature is that the hoverboard will automatically disconnect itself from the charger when it’s completely charged.

Furthermore, you will find LED lights on its wheels and at the front which help you steer in the dark and give you a cool look on the road. LED indicators are present on top of the board to let you know the battery status all through your journey. The hoverboard supports a maximum weight of 200 lbs and includes Bluetooth speakers to make the ride even more enjoyable for its riders. You will, additionally, appreciate how easy it is to carry the hoverboard around places where it isn’t possible to ride it. Weighing only 16 lbs, it is among the most lightweight hoverboards that you will come across.


The top speed of 7.5 mph is lower than most of the high-end hoverboard for kids that we have reviewed so far. Also, the maximum rider weight of 200 lbs which can be supported by the hoverboard is much lower than most others in the market. The hoverboard may, for this reason, be unsuitable for many overweight riders.

Cho HoverboardAnother affordable hoverboard suitable for the youth which also happens to be a top selling model on Amazon is from the company, CHO. Not only is it UL2272 certified to ascertain a safe ride for your kids, it is also equipped with a highly advanced self-balancing technology to make the hoverboard easier for amateurs to balance. Other than that, it is an entry-level hoverboard with 6.5” vacuum tires making it just the right pick for city cruising. The lithium-ion batteries will charge in about 3 to 5 hours with the UL certified charger that is included in the package. After a complete charge, the hoverboard can carry you at the highest speed of 10 km/h and cover a maximum range of over 12 km.

The built-in Bluetooth speakers present excellent sound quality will allow you to enjoy music you have on your phone while the non-slip foot pads while help you establish a firm grip on the board and prevent you from slipping or losing control of your ride. Furthermore, the LED sidelights and front lights aren’t just there to add fun to ride but are extremely helpful when cruising at night.

The product is lightweight at 24 pounds and can easily support a maximum weight of 120 lbs. In addition to all the safety features and extras the board is available in many exciting colors depending on what you find more attractive according to your taste and preferences.


As you may already have noticed, the batteries of the hoverboard take considerably longer to charge in comparison with most of the others. Also, the maximum weight that it can handle is much smaller than that supported by all the other hoverboards which we have reviewed.

Tomoloo Hoverboard for kidHere is a safe and reliable yet an extremely fun ride for your kid. With TOMOLOO you can rest assured of your kid’s safety since it comes with UL2272 and CPSC certification and makes use of an advanced balancing technology to ensure a stable ride even for ameteur riders. Furthermore, the batteries are UL2271 certified and take about two to three hours to charge. The waterproof and fireproof exterior will protect your investment from any harm no matter what the weather and road conditions may be.

Weighing only 23 lbs, it is simple to carry yet sturdy enough to support riders between 44 lbs and 264 lbs. Beside the sturdy build, it features powerful motors, 300 watts on each side which offer silent performance and can make the rider hit a top speed of 10 mph and cover a distance of 12 miles. Both, the speed and the range are among the highest that you are going to find in the market and it is mainly for this reason that the hoverboard is such a big hit among adults and kids alike.

This hoverboard for kids is, additionally, App compatible using which you can control the top speed, adjust the lights, monitor your speed, range and battery life all through a single app. The sensitivity controls may also be adjusted through this specialized app. Along with all the rest of the cool features, you can also enjoy your favorite tunes as you ride since the hoverboard includes dual voice coil speakers which connect to your mobile device through Bluetooth.


The only drawback worth noting is the smaller size of its wheels. Although it helps maintain a low weight for the hoverboard to a minimum, it can be exceptionally difficult to ride it on rough terrains. The hoverboard is, therefore, more suited for flat surfaces.

Are Hoverboard Safe for Kids to Ride?

hoverboard safe for kidsParents who haven’t seen their kids ride a hoverboard before will surely be a bit nervous to let them out on the road unsupervised, with a hoverboard of their own. However, same is the case with a bike or a scooter which you probably wouldn’t have realized since we are all too familiar with these vehicles.

The fact of the matter is, hoverboard for kids are just as safe as any other vehicle that’s designed for use by kids and teenagers, provided that you choose the right one. Of course, not every hoverboard for kids will hit the highest safety standards. Only the best ones, such as the ones that we have listed on this page, will be completely safe to ride.

If you’re concerned about your kid’s safety, you need to make sure that the hoverboard for kids that you choose is UL 2272 certified. Some of the cheaper ones will not offer this certification but we would strongly advise you not to compromise on your child’s safety by getting them such models. The UL 2272 certification actually means that the hoverboard for kid that you are looking into has passed all the safety tests and declared safe for riding.

Just like riding any other vehicle, it is also advised that you make sure your kid wears all the necessary safety gear. This will comprise of a helmet, knee protection and elbow protection as the bare minimum. Although, you may fall a few times during the learning stages, that’s quite normal. Safety gear will make sure that you do not get hurt.

What Age is a Hoverboard Suitable for?

What Age is a Hoverboard Suitable for

Different models of hoverboards are designed for different age groups so you will need to find one that’s most appropriate for your kid’s age. However, most of the hoverboards for kids are designed for ages 8 or above. We have yet to see a hoverboard that’s designed for kids with ages smaller than that. The hoverboard for kids with wheel size 6.5” and top speeds lower than 10 mph are generally well suited for younger kids, between 8 to 12 years of age.

If your kid is older, has better experience and would like to ride a faster and more powerful hoverboard, you could go for the more advanced models. These are bigger, faster and heavier models that will carry wheels of sizes 8” or 10” and go at speeds as high as 12 mph or more. However, these are the advanced hoverboard models which are only suitable for riders with greater experience and ages 13 and beyond.

Besides the age, there are also weight limits on the specifications sheet of the hoverboard for kids that you choose. Make sure that the weight of your kid lies within the specified limit to ensure safety.

Riding a Hoverboard for Kids Safely

Whether you are riding a bike, a car or a hoverboard for kids, one thing that’s absolutely essential while you are on the road is your safety. Like they say, ‘safety comes first’. While it is absolutely important that you purchase a safe, UL 2272 certified hoverboard for kids, there are certain other measures as well that you will need to take to ensure that you and your hoverboard return home safe and sound. Here is what you can do:

Don’t overcharge:

We have mentioned earlier that the hoverboards of the past weren’t all that secure. The fire incidents that are linked to these older models mostly occurred as a result of overcharging. Although, the UL 2272 certified hoverboards of today are completely safe against overcharging, it is always better to be a bit extra careful on your end. 

There are charging lights on the hoverboard to show the charge status. Keep a check on that and do not leave it to charge unsupervised such as overnight. When the charging light turns green, switch the plug off and remove the hoverboard from it. Doing so will ensure that your hoverboard and its batteries last long and give optimum runtime.

Safety Gear :

As mentioned earlier, safety gear is absolutely essential since a few falls especially during the learning stages are unavoidable. What you can do, in exchange, is equip your child with all the necessary safety gear including knee and elbow protection and a helmet to make sure there are no serious injuries in case he or she falls.

Practice :

Practice makes perfect’. The saying holds true for every action. Make sure that you or your kid spends plenty of time practicing in your backyard before hitting the road. Just like any other vehicle, it is dangerous to ride on a busy road before you are absolutely sure of your skills. Even after you have mastered riding in your background, find streets or roads that aren’t too busy. A smooth trails that is rarely crossed by a car is the perfect location for practicing riding a hoverboard for kids.

Night Time Riding :

Be especially careful when taking out your self balancing scooter at nighttime. If you don’t have the headlights and taillights on, the cars that pass by won’t be able to spot you which is a serious danger for your life. Make sure that you have the lights on not only for you to see the road you ride on but also to make yourself visible for drivers. You can also wear reflective shoes for being even more visible to other drivers. 

Choose Safe Riding Spots :

A busy highway would surely not pass off as a safe riding spot for your hoverboard for kids. Choose roads that are less crowded or streets that aren’t used that often. Also, many states have laws regarding how you use it or where you use it. Make sure you are familiar with all such laws before you start using it otherwise you could be heavily fined. You’ll be paying hundreds of dollars, for example, if you are seen riding one of these on the streets of New York.


If you’re on the hunt for a safe and fun hoverboard for your child, this post would have surely helped you out. Make sure that you get them a secure hoverboard for kids from one of the top most brands in the industry such as the models listed on this page. However, it’s one thing to select the right hoverboard and another to know how to use it right. Make sure that your kid is equipped with some of the basic knowledge that will keep them safe while they are away cruising on their hoverboard.