6 Best Off Road All Terrain Hoverboard Reviews 2021

The simplest of the hoverboards are designed to be driven on the roads only. Off road all terrain hoverboards can offer a much more versatile experience to the rider since they are much more capable. With their tough build, thick tires and powerful motors, you can enjoy a wonderful off-road riding experience by having one of the best off road hoverboards. All terrain hoverboards are capable of offering a smooth ride not only on smooth roads but also on rough terrains. Learn all about these best all terrain hoverboards on this page so that you’re positive that you’re making a great selection.

What is An Off Road All Terrain Hoverboard?

Before deciding to purchase an off road hoverboard, you need to understand what it means and if you really need it. An all terrain hoverboard is simply a hoverboard which is built using a tough exterior frame and features thick rubber tires to withstand being ridden on rough terrain. The difference between a simple hoverboard and an off road all terrain hoverboard is the same as that in cars. Some cars are only meant to be driven on smooth roads and are used for regular commuting while there are others that offer heavy-duty tires and can be driven on grass, beaches, sand and most other types of terrains besides smooth roads.

Best Off Road All Terrain Hoverboards in Summary




SisiGad Off Road Hoverboard

SisiGad Off Road Hoverboard

Max Speed (mph): 10
Battery Life (hour)1
Bluetooth: No

Gyroor G-F1 All Terrain Hoverboard

Gyroor G-F1 All Terrain Hoverboard

Max Speed (mph): 12
Battery Life (hour)1
Bluetooth: Yes

XtremepowerUS Off-Road All Terrain Hoverboard

XtremepowerUS Hoverboard

Max Speed (mph): 10
Battery Life (hour)1
Bluetooth: Yes

Epikgo All Terrain Hoverboard

Epikgo All Terrain Hoverboard

Max Speed (mph): 10
Battery Life (hour)2
Bluetooth: Yes

Spadger Off Road Hoverboard

Spadger Off Road Hoverboard

Max Speed (mph): 10
Battery Life (hour)1
Bluetooth: No

HOVER-1 Nomad All-Terrain Hoverboard Table

HOVER-1 Nomad All-Terrain Hoverboard

Max Speed (mph): 10
Battery Life (hour)2
Bluetooth: Yes

Who is an Off Road Hoverboard for? 

The next big question is whether an off road hoverboard is really for you? Getting straight to the point, it’s not for you if you have just started out with the sport. With all their superior features, off road hoverboards are naturally a bit more expensive as compared to the regular hoverboards. So it’s best that you invest in an best entry level hoverboard initially and only once you are familiar with the sport and are willing to take your game up a notch should you consider buying the more advanced, off road hoverboard. Also, in the initial stages of learning to ride the hoverboard, you should only be riding on smooth roads. Only when you’re confident enough with your hoverboarding skills should you go cruising on rough terrains. 

Another important factor to note is that off road hoverboards, or any hoverboard for that matter, aren’t suitable for kids below 12 years of age. Avoid purchasing an off road hoverboard for your kids if they’re underage.

Are All Terrain Hoverboards Safe?

All terrain hoverboards are just as safe as a regular hoverboard. The only thing that you need to check for a safe hoverboarding experience is if the all terrain hoverboard offers a safety certification. The standard certification for safety of hoverboards accepted universally is the UL2272 certification. You might be aware of the controversy with the faulty hoverboards that were initially released in the market. There were incidents where these hoverboards caught fire. Since then, the regulatory authorities have enforced UL2272 certification as the standard security check for all electric vehicles. Any all terrain hoverboard that has passed the security tests put forward by UL (Underwriters Laboratory) and granted UL2272 certification can be deemed safe for use in all aspects.  

All Terrain Hoverboard Reviews

SisiGad Off Road HoverboardHere’s a rugged off terrain hoverboard which comes with all the cool extras that make it a pleasure to ride for adults and kids alike. Since it includes 8.5” tires with ideal tread, the off road hoverboard is highly capable of being ridden over a range of different terrains including grass, gravel and sand.
With the high tread tires and a strong 300-watts dual motors installed in the unit, you can also climb inclines upto an angle of 30 degrees without any difficulty. The speed limit on the board is 10mph which is quite capable of taking you to your destination quickly.

Other than being a practical mode of transportation, it also gives you the ability to go cruising in the dark with LED headlights. Turn lights are also available making it possible to make safe turns with the other passengers being aware. Since it’s a Bluetooth hoverboard, you can also enjoy music while on your way to work or grocery shopping.

Furthermore, the non-slip footpads and the intelligent self balancing control system make it easier to balance the ride even for beginners and kids. You will find a variety of different colors to choose from and of course, it’s UL certified which makes it an excellent and safe present for adults.


There aren’t many drawbacks to this affordable, all terrain hoverboard except that it does not offer app compatibility which most of the newer models are offering nowadays making it easier to ride.

Gyroor G-F1 All Terrain HoverboardOne of the most affordable off road hoverboards that you will find is Gyroor Hoverboard G-F1. Featuring a unique design, this off road hoverboard resembles a racing car and gives a similar feel when being ridden. With IP54 waterproof protection, the hoverboard gives a good level of protection against a sudden downpour. Other than that, the board supports off road riding to the fullest since it has got 8.5 inch, strong tires and features dual 350 watts motors which provide sufficient power to propel the strong tires on rough terrains. The 12 mile-range and 12mph top speed which the board is capable of achieving are also quite impressive considering the affordable price.

Furthermore, you can install an app on your phone which can select from a variety of different riding modes in addition to adjusting the speed so that your riding experience is completely in accordance with your skills. Built-in bluetooth speakers and LEd lights will further enhance your experience and make your ride a memorable one. What’s unique about this model is that the batteries are removable so that you can charge them much more easily instead of hauling the entire hoverboard. There’s also a convenient carry handle on top with which you can easily carry the hoverboard with a single hand when you’re not riding it.


The tires have much less tread as compared to the high quality off road hoverboards and may not be as capable on very rough terrain.

XtremepowerUS Off-Road All Terrain HoverboardXtremepowerUS 8.5” is an Amazon bestseller in the category of off-road hoverboards. The reasons are fairly obvious. The 8.5” tires with high tread are specially designed for a smooth all terrain experience. Not only can you ride this off road hoverboard over rough terrains, but also take it up inclined slopes with a maximum incline angle of 30 degrees. This feature makes it an ideal choice for adventure lovers who would like to go cruising on hillsides since most other hoverboards can only support inclines of up to 10 degrees. 

350 watts dual motors are installed to propel these large wheels and deliver sufficient power to take you at a top speed of 9 mph. Since the board is large and tough, it can support riders weighing up to 220 pounds quite easily. The lower weight limit is 44 pounds which makes it suitable for kids as well. 

To ensure your safety each time you are on the hoverboard, the board has been put through some tough security tests and certified with UL2272 once it passed all these examinations. Furthermore, the off road hoverboard also features Bluetooth speakers which can be connected to your phone to add even more excitement to your journey on the hoverboard.


There aren’t many drawbacks to highlight here except for the fact that this off road hoverboard is not waterproof. So, you can’t be out riding it in the rain. You’ll have to head straight back home if there’s a sudden downpour.

Epikgo All Terrain HoverboardAnother one of the most capable and safe off road hoverboards that you will find in the market is Epikgo Self Balancing Scooter since it is both UL2272 and UL2271 certified. The two certifications guarantee that both the board and the batteries are completely safe to use and have absolutely no risks of any fire hazards like those with the cheaper models.

Other than guaranteed safety, the hoverboard is quite capable on the roughest terrains since it has got 8.5” alloy wheels equipped with high tread tires and dual 400 watts motors to propel it. With such strong motors and such large wheels, you can go cruising over grass, sand or gravel without feeling any bumps. The 10-mile range and 18 degree maximum incline that it can cater are quite impressive when you compare it with the specifications of its competitors.

Together with the larger tires, the manufacturers have also offered a much bigger foot space which makes it a much more stable ride as compared to that offered by most others. It also makes it easier to balance, especially if you have just started learning the sport.  Last but not the least, the hoverboard comes with a full 1 year warranty which is quite impressive since most other models do not offer any guarantee of the sort.


The only drawback to discuss here is the elevated center of gravity because of the larger size of the wheels. Although it makes it a bit difficult to balance for beginners, the larger wheels make the board much more smoother to ride on rough surfaces.

Spadger Off Road HoverboardAnother UL2272 certified off road hoverboard that you can purchase for your kids is this one by Spadger. It features an intelligent self balancing technology which makes the board balance completely on its own. Since you don’t have to do much work at all, just about anyone can learn to ride it within merely minutes. 

In addition to being simple to ride, the hoverboard is equipped with 250 watts dual motors to propel its 6.5” wheels over a variety of different terrains. The footpads make the board easier to balance and stable so that you won’t fall even if you’re not an expert. 

Additionally, just like another modern hoverboard, it is app enabled which makes it possible to use different features such as playing music and changing the color of LED lights. Different riding modes can also be switched between depending on your age and skills. 

The bluetooth speakers installed in the unit are strong enough to allow you to enjoy your favorite tunes even when going at a high speed. Speaking of high speeds, the hoverboard is quite capable of attaining 7.5 mph or higher to help you make it to work on time.


The model isn’t the best choice if you’re looking for a true off road experience. Since the wheels are smaller and the motor is weaker than the most advanced off road hoverboard models, it may not present a smooth ride on very rough terrains.

HOVER-1 Nomad All-Terrain HoverboardHover-1 Nomad is one of the cheapest off road hoverboard models that you will find in the market. Unlike most other cheap hoverboards, this off road hoverboard offers 8.5” tires with high tread which makes it highly suited for an off road experience. To propel these large wheels, a pair of 220 watts motors are available. 

In addition to its riding capabilities, the hoverboard is completely safe to ride since it is UL2272 certified. The batteries are also certified and protected against overcharge. So even if you left it plugged in for too long, no need to worry about any damage to the batteries or the board.  There’s a battery life indicator to display the remaining capacity and notify you when you need to plug it in for a recharge. 

Since the hoverboard is app compatible, you can make use of tons of cool extras to enhance your experience. One of the best features is GPS tracking with which you can locate yourself on the map and find your destinations faster. 

Since three riding modes are available, riders of all skill levels will be able to make use of the hoverboard to the fullest. Additionally, there are LED headlights to guide you in the nighttime and bluetooth speakers to enjoy music on the go.


Considering it’s an off road hoverboard, the motors aren’t as strong as that of other models. With the weaker motor, the hoverboard may not be very fast or fully capable of being ridden through all kinds of terrains.

Factors to Consider Before Buying An Off Road All Terrain Hoverboard

Buying an off road hoverboard takes a lot more thought and effort than buying just any hoverboard. If you wish for it to be able to live up to the definition of an off road hoverboard there are certain factors that you will need to carefully look into before selecting the model to purchase. Below are a few of the things that need to be kept in mind before picking the best off road hoverboard.


Let’s start with the most distinguishing feature of an off road hoverboard. After all, it is the size and the type of the wheels that they use which sets them apart from an ordinary hoverboard. Ordinary wheels will not deliver a smooth riding experience on rough terrains which one looks for in an off road hoverboard. Off road wheels on off road hoverboards should be larger and with greater tread than the regular wheels. Since regular, entry level self balancing scooters offer 6.5” wheels, off road hoverboards should offer at least 8.5” to 10” wheels for a smoother, faster and safer ride on all kinds of terrains. 

The bigger the wheels you can find on the off road hoverboard the better it will be able to tackle terrains like grass, mud, sand and gravel. As for the tires, different varieties are available to ensure shock absorbance on rough terrains and superior tread. Tubeless tires and pneumatic tires are the most popular varieties of tires in use nowadays. 


Another feature that you’ll need to look into, especially when buying an off road hoverboard is the strength offered by its motors. Larger and tougher wheels wouldn’t be of much benefit if the off road hoverboard has weak motors installed in it. Regular hoverboards can make do with weak motors since they simply have to push the wheels over smooth terrains. Off road hoverboards, on the other hand, need stronger motors that can propel larger wheels over rougher terrains and yet be able to maintain a smooth ride. 

Since motors are generally installed in hoverboards as a pair, you should be looking for at least a dual-250 watts motor in the unit otherwise it won’t be able to deliver the expected experience. For an excellent off road riding experience, the stronger the motors you can find, the better. The strongest of the off road hoverboards can offer upto 400 watts dual motors which makes a total of 800 watts of motor power. 

Charging Time and Batteries:

The quality of the batteries installed in your off road hoverboard will determine the charging time as well as the battery life. The longer the battery life, the greater distance you will be able to cover before the battery dies down and you have to recharge the off road hoverboard. Most off road hoverboards have lithium-ion batteries installed in them and will take 2 to 3 hours to charge completely, just like a regular hoverboard. 

Once the off road hoverboard has been completely charged, you can take it out for a spin. The battery life usually varies from model to model and will also depend on your weight and the type of terrain that you are riding through. Generally speaking, off road hoverboards can cover a distance of 8 to 12 miles before requiring a recharge. This is a decent amount of distance which makes them quite convenient for commuting small distances other than for leisure riding. 

The off road hoverboard will usually have LED indicators on them to indicate the battery life and to notify you when the charge is low. When the charging light turns red, you need to plug your off road hoverboard with the charger and wait for it to be recharged. 


Since off road hoverboards are generally designed for experts, they should offer a decent speed limit to keep the thrill alive. However, if you’re not too comfortable with a faster hoverboard, you can select one that offers a smaller speed limit. While most off road hoverboards offer around 8 to 10mph speed limit, there are some advanced ones which can take you up to a top speed of 12mph. However, just like the range of your hoverboard, the speed will also depend on other factors such as your weight and terrain besides the make of the model. 


Incline angle is another factor to keep in mind since for a true all-terrain experience, you would want a hoverboard that can take you up an inclined platform as well. If you want to be able to ride it uphill on a mountainous terrain, take note of the maximum incline angle mentioned in the specifications for that off road hoverboard. Different models offer different incline angles between 15 degrees and 30 degrees. The greater the incline angle it offers and the stronger it’s motors, the easier it will be to ride that particular off road hoverboard up a slope. 


Of course, off road hoverboards won’t be as portable as a regular hoverboard since they have a tougher build and larger wheels with thicker tires. You will have to compromise a bit on the weight of the product if you wish for a better riding experience. Nonetheless, they shouldn’t be too hard to carry on your shoulders when you’re not riding them. Carrying them can be even easier if you use a hoverboard carry bag

App Compatibility:

Although not a necessity, it will be even more helpful if your off road hoverboard is app compatible. You will be able to control the speed and different other features of your ride using the hoverboard app installed on your mobile phone. Some models allow you to limit the top speed for safe riding, especially for beginners and kids while others let you play music on the Bluetooth speakers installed on your off road hoverboard. You’ll have to take a look at the specs to see exactly what is offered by your off road hoverboard model. 

Where can an all terrain hoverboard be ridden?

Now that you have your off road hoverboard, are you ready to try it out? Only once you start using your model will you be able to understand its true capabilities and all the types of surfaces that it can tackle. The best of the off road hoverboards that are available in the market today should be able to tackle a diverse range of surfaces such as grass, sand, mud, gravel and even inclines. With their strong tires with better tread, they can cater hard and unpaved terrain quite easily. 

How much does an off road hoverboard cost?

As mentioned earlier, if you’re looking for the cheapest of the hoverboards you should go for the regular models. However, with the regular hoverboards, you will have to compromise a bit on the experience since they can only be ridden on roads. All terrain hoverboards will generally cost a bit higher than the entry-level hoverboards but it doesn’t mean that you have to spend a fortune buying one of these models. 

With newer models and newer brands being introduced in the market every other day, prices are going down. All terrain hoverboards, too, are becoming more and more affordable for everyone.


An off road hoverboard isn’t simply a sport. It’s also an excellent way for adults to take some time off work and go cruising on the beach, mountain sides and more. Possibilities are endless. You simply need to have an excellent best off road hoverboard beneath your feet and the will to test your limits! With the information available on this page and the list of models that we have collected for you, you should be able to find an affordable best all terrain hoverboard for yourself.