How Fast does a Hoverboard go?

The hoverboard trend started out quite recently, first among teanagers and then quickly gained popularity among all age groups. If you are a strong hoverboard lover, you would understand the need for speed when you are on the road. It is for this reason that the question ‘How fast does a hoverboard go?’ is so very important for most of us.

A speedy hoverboard also makes a faster commute to work which is just what you need on days that you’re late. Different models of hoverboards will feature different top speeds depending upon many different factors. Here, you will find out everything there is to know about top speeds of different hoverboard models and the factors that will affect it.

Factors that Affect the Speed of a Hoverboard

The top speed of the hoverboard is a major consideration when selecting any particular model. However the speed at which your hoverboard will go will not only depend on the construction and quality of your hoverboard but will also depend on a number of external factors. Below is a list of all those factors that can affect the top speed of your hoverboard either directly or indirectly.


Brand of the hoverboard that you have selected is the first and foremost factor that will determine the top speed that it offers. In general, the high end hoverboard brands offer a much higher top speed as compared to the lower end brands. This is because they will include better quality parts, stronger motor and good batteries. Even if these good quality hoverboards are designed for use by beginners as well, they will limit the top speed in the beginner mode so that the beginner users may learn to ride it safely.

Wheel Size

Wheel SizeJust like all the other features, wheel size is also an important factor that affects the speed of a hoverboard. The reason is that the wheel size determines the kind of ride that a hoverboard offers and the manufacturers will set the top speed accordingly. Most of the mid ranged hoverboards are designed with 6.5 inch wheels which usually offer a top speed of around 6 to 8 mph. Such a top speed is although sufficient for beginners and kids, it may not suit the advanced riders.

On the other hand, if you are purchasing hoverboard for kids under the age of 10, you may want to consider one with 4.5 inch wheels as it will be simpler to ride and will limit the top speed to under 6 mph so that its safer for the kids. The more advanced models such as those with 8 inch or 10 inch wheels will generally offer a more generous top speed, well beyond 10 mph. You may even find some high end models with 13 to 14 mph top speed.

Power of the Electric Motor

Power of the Electric MotorAn electric motor is attached to each of the wheels of the hoverboard. The power to rotate the wheels come from these motors. Naturally, the stronger the motors, the faster will they be able to rotate the wheels. If you wish for a speedy ride, make sure to select a hoverboard with stronger motors so that the device is capable of attaining a higher top speed. 

Battery Life

BatteryAnother important factor that affects the hoverboard speed is, unfortunately, also the one that most customers will fail to take notice of. The battery life of your hoverboard will determine the length of time through which it can sustain this top speed. A hoverboard that will only give the stated top speed for half an hour and then start to slow down due to low charge is no good. You need a hoverboard which can retain the stated top speed for at least 2 to 3 hours before it starts to slow down.To ensure this you need a hoverboard that has a strong battery life.

Rider Weight

Naturally, a heavier rider will go slower on the same model of hoverboard that can take a lighter rider at a higher speed. You should also consider the weight limit that your hoverboard offers. If you are heavier than the stated weight limit, you should select a different model since this particular hoverboard will neither take you at the stated top speed nor be safe for you to ride on.


The surface on which you ride is, of course, another major factor which will affect your speed. A flat smooth surface will offer a much higher speed and with less effort than what you would expect on an inclined or rough terrain. Rough surfaces offer a greater degree of friction and reduce your speed while riding.

Which Brands Offer Higher Top Speeds?

The fastest hoverboards are the ones that come from the most reputable and high end brands. Swagtron is one of the most well known names that will appear when looking for hoverboards and is also known for producing some of the fastest hoverboards. Swagtron T6 and Swagtron T1 are some of the fastest hoverboards available in the market. Besides Swagtron, the pricier models of Gotrax and Genesis will also offer higher top speeds.


Although speed thrills, it must be handled with care if you want to ensure a safe experience. Investing in a good hoverboard today will not only offer a speedy journey but will also guarantee that you return home safely. The newer models will include different riding modes which will limit the top speed according to your skill level. Beginners will enjoy a safe and simpler riding experience with a lower top speed while the experienced riders can take pleasure in a trilling, speedy ride.