How to Charge a Hoverboard

So have you recently purchased a new hoverboard? Do you have a bunch of questions on how to charge a hoverboard? A hoverboard is an exciting, new way to get to places; no doubt about that. Equally true is the fact that it needs to be taken care of to ensure safe and efficient performance as well as a long life. An important part of its care and maintenance is proper charging of the device. Read the entire post and you will learn all about charging this new device.

Instructions on How to Charge a Hoverboard

Charging your hoverboard is simple once you understand the color coding of the battery light. Follow these steps and you will make sure that the device is correctly charged each time the batteries are out.

* What’s most important when preparing to charge your hoverboard is that you should be using a suitable charger with it. The best selection is the original hoverboard charger that comes with your hoverboard but if you are using a different charger, do make sure that it matches with the voltage requirements of your hoverboard.
* Make sure that the hoverboard is powered off before you begin charging it. If it is not off, press the power button to turn it off.
* Now align the charging port with the pin of the charging cable and insert it carefully into the port. Make sure that they are properly aligned otherwise the hoverboard will not charge.
* In most cases, the charging adapter will include a charging light. This light should turn solid red when you plug in the charger and turn it on.
* Now simply let the device charge for as long as it takes. Be patient since this is going to take a long time. It will normally take about two hours to charge the hoverboard completely but the exact charging time will depend on the exact model of your hoverboard.
* The charging light will turn solid green when the hoverboard charging is complete. This green light is an indication that your hoverboard is now fully charged and you may unplug it from the wall socket.
* Once you spot a green light on the charger, simply turn off the plug and remove the charger from the wall socket. Also remove the charging plug from the charging port of the hoverboard. It is not at all recommended that you leave the hoverboard charging for longer than the required amount since many hoverboards aren’t designed to sustain overcharging.
* So that’s all! Your hoverboard is now fully charged and ready for many hours of fun. All you have to do now is to store the charger somewhere safe and take the hoverboard out for a spin.

The above, however, are only general instructions for charging a hoverboard which will hold true for most models. If your hoverboard comes with an instruction manual, it is best that you read it carefully and entirely before using and charging the hoverboard.

How Long does it Take to Charge a Hoverboard?

time required for hoverboard chargingThe best hoverboard brands are the ones that can offer a smaller charging time. However, even for these top quality models of hoverboards, it is hard to find one with a charging time lower than 2 hours. The usual charging time that you will find for most good quality hoverboards is around 2 to 3 hours. A hoverboard that is bigger in size will naturally take longer to charge as compared to the smaller hoverboards.

Check the user manual or the specifications to learn the exact charging time and then remember to check the charging status at the end of this specified charging duration. If you find a green light to indicate that the hoverboard has charged completely, no need to keep it charging for any longer than that. Unplug the hoverboard instantly to prevent overcharging. As is the case with most Smartphones, overcharging the hoverboard can reduce the hoverboard battery life.

How Long can you Use a Hoverboard after a Full Charge?

This is another important question that will pop up in your mind when using a hoverboard. You should at least have a rough idea as to how long will your hoverboard work after a full charge so that you may return home or to a power outlet in time for a recharge. However, the answer to this question varies according to the brand of the hoverboard that you are using. Of course, high end hoverboards will offer a much longer battery time as compared to inferior quality hoverboards. The inferior quality hoverboards may only function for about 2 hours after a full charge while the superior quality ones will offer battery times as high as 6 hours. Most of the hoverboards will come with a battery light which will start to flash as an indication that the batteries are about to die and you will need to recharge the device soon.


So now you know exactly how to charge your hoverboard and have also found answers to all other related queries. Hopefully, after all the useful information you have gathered here, you will have no trouble keeping your hoverboard charged and in good shape for a long long time. Take good care of your hoverboard and enjoy tons of fun-filled journeys on it.