How to Stop on a Hoverboard

So you’ve got the latest Segway as the hottest Christmas present this year? You’re super-excited to ride it, except that you are unsure if you’ll be able to stop without landing straight on your face. After all, besides the astounding hoverboard tricks that you have been watching on Youtube, there are also many videos for epic hoverboard fails! You wouldn’t want to make yourself a part of one of those, right? Don’t worry, you won’t. As long as you know some basics and pay attention during the initial practices, you are good to go. Read the entire article to understand how to master your hoverboard and not just ride it safely but also to stop and dismount safely.

Before You Start

We understand that you are excited and are really in the mood to start riding right away but you need to slow down. There are some basic steps that you will need to follow before you even set foot on the hoverboard. They will ensure a safe and smooth ride so make sure you follow each one before getting onto your hoverboard:

Getting Set Up

* Make sure that your hoverboard is fully charged before you start. If you haven’t charged it, connect it to the charger and leave it for 2 to 3 hours to let it charge completely.
* The area where you choose to ride should be a clear, open and smooth one where it won’t hurt too much in case you do fall.
* Wear your safety gear including a helmet, elbow pads and knee pads.
* Stand next to a wall so that you have something to hold on to for support.
* If your hoverboard supports a beginner mode, switch it on so that it’s safer to ride.

Stepping onto the Hoverboard

So you’re all set and ready to start riding. The key to a safe and confident ride on your hoverboard is the correct first step. Once you have mounted correctly, you will establish a good balance and control over the hoverboard to ride it smoothly. Here is how you go about it:

Getting on

* Station the dominant foot of yours on the foot pad of your hoverboard first.
* Now station the other foot in the same way on the foot pad without bending your knees and stand straight on the hoverboard. Avoid applying too much pressure on the hoverboard with either of the feet otherwise you are going to lose balance.
* Lean slightly forward to start moving in the forward direction. Do so very slowly so that you don’t lose control of your hoverboard.

Turning on your Hoverboard

Once you have stepped onto the hoverboard and can move smoothly in a straight line, turning isn’t hard either.

* To turn right, press on the hoverboard with your left toes.
* To turn left, press on the hoverboard using your right toes.

Turning on your hoverboard

If you press only lightly, the turn is going to have a larger radius. If you press harder using your toes, you will take a sharp turn. If you want an even sharper turn, you may want to press down with the toes of one foot and heels of the other foot. Holding on to this exact position, pressing down with the toes of one foot and pressing down with the heels of the other, you will start to spin. Spinning is a trick every rider wishes to master and loves to show off.

Stopping a Hoverboard

Now it’s time for the most important thing that you need to perfect: stopping and dismounting from your hoverboard. It’s not hard, just like the rest of the steps involved in riding a hoverboard and you’ll be able to perfect it soon, with a little practice.

* Lean back slowly and carefully and your self-balancing electric scooter will start to slow down.
* Don’t lean too much or you’ll start moving in the backward direction and may even fall off the hoverboard.
* Once your hoverboard comes to a stop, you can step off it.
* Step off from the back, by first placing your nondominant foot on the floor and then the dominant foot.

Moving on your ho

Note: Dismounting on the front side of your hoverboard is the biggest mistake that most amateur riders make. You may accidentally lean forward and may cause the hoverboard to move and lose balance. This may result in a fall.

Practice is all it takes to perfect your skills. First, remember to pay attention to the basics and learn how to ride in a straight line and take turns. Once you are good at those, you can start learning new tricks. You may fall a few times, but that’s entirely normal. Everybody falls at least once while learning how to ride it but that shouldn’t hold you back from using your hoverboard. In no time, you will be a pro at it and will be helping your friends who have just started out.