Jetson V12 Electra-Light Hoverboard Self-Balancing Electric Scooter Review

Since hoverboards are gaining so much popularity among all ages, it’s natural that plenty of brands are appearing in the market. Not all of them are safe to ride and one must be able to tell apart the good ones from the substandard ones. Jetson hoverboards are one of the latest and most popular models in the market. Jetson V12 Electra-Light Hoverboard is UL certified and delivers an excellent performance with its strong motors, tough tires and durable body. Let’s check out the details and see if it works for you.

Jetson V12 Electra-Light Self-Balancing Electric Scooter Features

Jetson V12 is one of the most popular models of Jetson hoverboards and is built with strong tires and a strong motor which is capable of taking on most kinds of terrains easily. It may not be the cheapest hoverboard that you will find, but when you consider all the superior features and the specifications mentioned above, it feels worth every penny that you pay for it.

Jetson V12 is equipped with 500 watts dual hub motor which can quite literally send you flying at a top speed of 10 mph. Most riders will be more than satisfied with a high top speed such as this one, but the model offers plenty more to thank for. The batteries take very little time to charge and once they are full, you can take the hoverboard for as far as 12 miles before the batteries die.

Since it comes with UL certification, you can rest completely assured of your safety while on the hoverboard. It is, in fact, one of the safest hoverboards in the market which makes it a preferred choice for kids and first timers. Active Balance Technology and effective foot pressure sensors will ensure that you can focus on the ride and have fun while the hoverboard ensures your safety.

With a contemporary design, the hoverboard is app compatible as well since you can use the Ride Jetson app to adjust settings, choose one of the three riding modes, play music on the Bluetooth speakers of the ride and also sync the hoverboard’s LED lights with the music that’s playing to enjoy even more.

Jetson V12 Electra-Light Hoverboard Specifications

  • Motor: 500 watts dual hub
  • Maximum speed: 10 mph
  • Maximum distance: 12 miles
  • Maximum load: 230 lbs
  • Charging time: 2 hours
  • Tires: 6.5”
  • Weight: 22 lbs
  • Dimensions: 8” x 23.8” x 6.8”
  • Warranty: 1 year

Jetson V12 Electra-Light Self-Balancing Electric Scooter Pros & Cons


  • With the free app that’s available with the hoverboard, you can share your riding stats with your friends on social media.
  • Active Balance Technology ensures complete control of the rider on the hoverboard at all times. 
  • Anti-slip pads are installed to provide a strong grip to your feet. 


  • The tires aren’t built for rough terrains.
  • The price is a bit higher for an entry-level model.


Jetson is known for producing reliable hoverboards, ones that will last long and deliver what you are expecting. You can also put complete confidence in Jetson V12 Electra-Light Hoverboard since it is a UL-certified self balancing scooter. With excellent responsiveness, guaranteed safety, app compatibility and Bluetooth speakers to enjoy music as you go flying through the city, Jetson V12 may just be the hoverboard that you are looking for. Whether you are a kid or an adult, beginner or an expert, it’s safe to say that Jetson V12 is designed for everyone and is fun to ride for all.