Learn How To Ride a Hoverboard

If you find cycling or motorbiking old school and are in for some new kind of adventure, you should consider trying out a hoverboard. Not only is it the new, trendy two-wheeled vehicle in town, but it also forms a cheap and eco-friendly means of commuting from one place to another.

Do you know how to ride a hoverboard? Even if you are new with hoverboards, you should know that perfecting this skill isn’t that big of a deal, mostly because the advanced technologies incorporated into the device keeps it balanced on its own. 

So it’s pretty straightforward to get the hang of it but you will need a little bit of guidance and some practice to get started on your own. Keep reading and you’ll learn how to ride a hoverboard in almost no time.

Hoverboard Safety

Hoverboard SafetyLike they say, safety first! Just like any other vehicle, there are certain safety considerations that you need to be careful about if you wish to have an enjoyable ride and return home safely along with your investment.

* Many hoverboard models will not include an instruction manual, especially the inexpensive ones. However, in case you are lucky enough to receive one with the purchase of your hoverboard, make sure you read it before stepping onto your hoverboard.

* You must be equipped with all the essential safety gear before you start riding your hoverboard. This is especially important if you are a beginner and not too confident with the vehicle. These essential items which include a helmet, elbow pads, knee pads, and wrist-guards will protect the rider against injuries even if they do experience a fall.

Steps for Riding a Hoverboard

Once you are certain about your safety during the ride, let's head on to the more interesting bit or the action. Now that you have your safety gear on, you are ready to step onto the hoverboard.

Preliminary Steps

* Before stepping foot onto the hoverboard, you need to make sure that it is fully charged and ready for action. This step will normally take about 2 hours, so be patient.

* Turn on the hoverboard by flipping on the power switch which is usually at the back side of the hoverboard.

* Many hoverboards offer different riding modes for their operation. If your hoverboard also comes with a mode selection option, choose the beginner mode for yourself before stepping on it.

Stepping onto the Hoverboard

Stepping onto the Hoverboard* Once your hoverboard is turned on and you have selected the right mode for riding, you need to place the hoverboard in front of you, on a level surface. Placing it next to a wall will help since you will be able to grab it in case you need some help with balancing.
* Now place one foot onto the hoverboard and balance yourself in the position. Try to place your foot as close to the wheels as possible as doing so will make it easier to balance the board during the entire ride.
* Now place your second foot onto the hoverboard, close to the other wheel. Many hoverboards will include an indication next to the battery gauge which will notify you of the right time to place the second foot onto the hoverboard. When the light next to the battery gauge turns green, you may place the second foot onto the hoverboard.

Maneuvering the Hoverboard

* Maneuvering the HoverboardSo once you are standing upright onto the hoverboard and have balanced yourself, it’s time to start moving. To move forward, simply lean forward and apply pressure on the board using your toes. To move backward, you will only need to lean backward.
* Now you need to practice your turns. If you wish to make a left turn, you need to apply pressure on the board using only your right toes. Similarly, for taking a right turn, you just need to apply pressure using your left toes.

Stepping off the Hoverboard

There are certain tricks that you may follow to prevent yourself from falling while stepping off the hoverboard.

* Try to shift your entire weight onto your dominant foot so that you can first take off the foot that is less dominant.
* Step off the device from the back side rather than the front. Stepping off from the front end may cause you to accidentally apply pressure using your toes which may create movement in the hoverboard and result in you falling off it. Stepping off the back will prevent such a thing from happening.

Congratulations! That’s all you need to know to get started with your self-balancing scooter. Of course, there is a lot more that you will learn through practice and time. Spinning is a popular hoverboard trick but you’ll need at least a few days of practice before you can try it out. First, make sure you have gained confidence in straight line riding and turns. Once you have perfected these basic skills, you can go ahead and try out cool, new hoverboard tricks to impress your friends.