Why do Hoverboards Catch on Fire?

In the year 2019, if you still don’t own a hoverboard you are missing out on the trendiest, new vehicles of the world. You are probably reluctant because of the horror stories associated with its use. It's very important that you set your facts right and this post will help you do just that. Before anything else, you should know that although all these stories of hoverboards catching fire are based on fact, they are in the past now. If you go for the reputable brands, hoverboards of today are the most entertaining and safe gifts that you may present to your kids. So even if it was in the past, why do hoverboards catch on fire? Keep reading and you will find out everything.

What’s inside a Hoverboard?

What’s inside a Hoverboard

If these incidents of hoverboards catching fire are true, which they are, a valid question that arises in mind is this: what’s present inside these hoverboards that can cause a fire? Although these machines seem pretty simple from the outside, the inside is packed with complex electronics. Each hoverboard will have two motors, gyroscopes, speed sensors, a logic board which is responsible for all the processing that takes place inside it and lithium-ion batteries. The motor controls the power that is transferred to the wheels to move the hoverboard while the battery pack is where the power to drive the motors comes from. The gyroscope, on the other hand, controls the balance of the hoverboard.

Possible Reasons Why a Hoverboard may Catch Fire

The unstable nature of Lithium-ion batteries

Lithium-ion batteries are the same batteries which have long since been used in laptops, tablets, and Smartphones and have reported many incidents of fire. However, do we for sake the use of these essential gadgets due to those one-in-a-million fire incidents? The simple answer is: No, we don’t. In this technological age, it is simply not possible to survive without these things.

However, it is also worth noting that these batteries do not explode on their own. Most incidents of fire occur while the hoverboard is being charged or ridden. What makes these batteries so unstable is the fact that it separates the negative and positive charge using very delicate insulation. This insulation can be broken when the device is overcharged or dropped. The short circuit that is caused by the breakage of this insulation can create a fire.

Faulty Wiring

It is not always the batteries which will short circuit due to overcharging or fall and cause a fire. Sometimes this fire can be a result of faulty wiring inside the metal casing. Spot soldering of the wires to other parts of the hoverboard such as the batteries is a major reason for fire due to faulty wiring and this defect can easily be detected while purchasing a hoverboard. You will simply need to avoid a hoverboard that produces sound inside the shell when you move it.

Not using its original charger

Another major mistake that riders make while using a hoverboard is not using the original charger that comes with it. As recommended for Smartphones, hoverboards should also be charged using the same original charger that comes with it in the package. Even if you do purchase a charger separately, you need to make entirely certain that the charger is compatible with the model of hoverboard which you are using and is UL certified. The newest chargers that are available today will automatically stop charging the hoverboard once it has completely charged. This saves the hoverboard from overcharging and any possible disruption of the insulation layer inside the batteries. 

Manufacturing fault

Many of the cheaper models of hoverboards may not have undergone quality check from the manufacturing company.  Some of the metallic waste from the manufacturing process can make its way inside the hoverboard shell which can result in a short circuit within the electric components and create a fire. Similarly, poor quality battery included in the hoverboard during the manufacturing process may also enhance the chances of a short circuit.

Are Hoverboards Safe for use Today?

The good news is that the authorities took strict action following these fire incidents. Many of the hoverboards were straight off band from the market. Only the ones that were tested and found absolutely safe for use were certified for sale in the US market. Look for a UL2272 certified self-balance scooters and you will be absolutely safe. Also, make sure that the battery pack and the charger are also UL certified so that there is no chance of any such incidents.

Final Thoughts

So even if there were incidents of fires related to hoverboards in the past, you know better than to become a victim today. Your job is to select a reliable hoverboard from a reputable company just like the ones we have added on our website. Once you have selected a reputable, UL certified hoverboard, use it with care to ensure its safe use. Overcharging must be avoided at all costs. Carry it inside a hoverboard carry bag to prevent any damage in case you drop it. We sincerely hope that you find yourself a hoverboard that stays in your possession for a long time and give its utmost throughout this time.